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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 16:02

Syrian Border \"Security Alarm\"

Syrian Border \
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Reyhanli district of Hatay on the Syrian border, depending on the Beşasl has increased security measures in the village .

Hatay news: Syria located on the border of Hatay Reyhanlı township Beşasl in the village security measures were stepped up .
Recently experienced border crossings and smuggling incidents order to prevent soldiers and police teams, Beşasl village entry and exit , 24-hour basis, got it under control . The region of
the border fuel smuggling from Syria Beşaslan village , the police and gendarmerie teams took strict security measures . Gendarmerie and traffic police all came to the village of Beşasl vans, cars , TR mainly looking for every tool .
security forces working on the basis of 24 hours from the border to curb illegal migration targets. Across the border in recent months above 60 tonnes per day of liquid fuel output estimated that the Beşasl in the village , the security forces as a result of the audit , this ratio has been reset. Border police and gendarmerie teams
line is accompanied by finance officers . Tools fines on drivers who violate the rules are applied. Security forces last 15 days in their path controls , applications or received notice of the results they are looking for vans, cars , TR and vans, 100 tons of fuel were seized.
Here recently the Syrian border line , from Syria to Turkey illegal crossings in order to avoid and prevent smuggling , depending on Reyhanli district of Hatay Belted wall drawing process was initiated in the village limits . In addition, within a week Reyhanlı evaluated in different neighborhoods where homes and buildings fuel explosion occurred , had not been killed or injured in the incident . Finally
Reyhanli Police Department teams in the county and in the inspections performed at the checkpoint seized more than 130 tons of fuel was learned. Meanwhile Reyhanlı County Police Department teams in the input-output control has increased .

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