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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 24 Ocak 2014, Cuma 05:09

Syrian children Excitement Ratings

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Syrian students who continued his education in Gaziantep, was delighted to get the report.

 Syrian students who continued his education in Gaziantep, was delighted to get the report.
Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Syrian Guests Syrian students studying in the Information and Training Center, has experienced the joy of getting their report cards. Classes with balloons adorning the students; Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ibrahim Evolution, Health Affairs Chairman Mukhtar Akyol and teachers from the hands of report received.
Syrian Haile Alyusuf in Turkey because I was very happy and today rationing joy experienced, stating that"Syria Halepliy am. Syria civil war after the Gaziantep came. us in Gaziantep school did. us here this school who would like to thank. Today rationing get my'm so happy,"he said.
Syrian Interest Hacnaif, Syria ' in the post-war Gaziantep they came and rationing for taking the're happy record,"Karner I get happy for. Turkey and Gaziantep us this opportunity submitters thank you. Today, thanks to them, report'm going,"he said.
Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Art and Vocational Training Courses (GAMAK) General Coordinator of Ramadan Dundar Syria education and training according to the curriculum taught by expressing"Syria experienced because of the war since 2011 in Gaziantep migrating Syrian guests on behalf of the Municipality as we have two schools We opened. these in our schools Syria curriculum is being implemented. A total of 300 thousand students have. was first class and 8th grade here until the Syrian students training to give. these with 400 adult Turkish lessons are provided. Turkey today January 24 report is experiencing the joy. Education Teaching As we 300 thousand students report it to our children we tried to create joy. attention away from the war zone on behalf of our schools, our children are giving performing arts education"was the description.

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