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  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 15:43

Syrian Murder Suspect In Courthouse

Syrian Murder Suspect In Courthouse
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Antalya's Alanya district , the boss's 50-year-old wife , strangled and killed Rabia nature Syrian MP Abdurrahman agricultural worker . , The hospital receiving treatment under the supervision of the gendarmes were removed and sent to the court .

Antalya news: Antalya's Alanya district , the boss's 50 year old wife Rabia nature , strangled and killed the Syrian agricultural workers Abdurrahman O . , The hospital receiving treatment from the gendarmerie under the supervision subtracting the courthouse were shipped.
Event , clock 20:00 queues of Alanya Elikesik in the neighborhood , there was . Mustafa Dogan, in the evening I went to the grocery store to buy bread . Dogan came home , my wife could not find .
That time working in the garden worker Syrian MP Abdurrahman .'To ask where his wife was . Workers of the \"do not know \"answer Mustafa Dogan asked their neighbors . Mustafa Dogan not get news from his wife , along with MP Abdurrahman worker . , Village headmen Yusuf Boz and their neighbors began to look around . Rabia who is out of the house on the lack of nature in the house was searched. Mustafa Dogan, who opened the closet in the house , his wife's lifeless body was encountered . Meanwhile, MP Abdurrahman panic . wanted to escape , but was caught by the local people .
called to the scene by ambulance and taken to a private hospital at 23.00, Rabia died of nature was understood. The corpse is sent to the morgue , murder suspect Abdurrahman O . by the people of the neighborhood were delivered to the gendarmerie . Neighborhood residents want to be lynched by the Syrian suspects after the incident , at noon today in Alanya State Hospital were referred to the court after treatment .

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