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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 12:48

Tablet PCs were Distribute to Eker Sociologist

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Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Mehdi Eker , sociologists relevant with tablet computer deployment, \"With this project, both in technology , we are more use was pitch directly within penetrate into the field there is the value of the primary sector members and will have the opportunity to use the facilities of sociology ,\"he said .

Ankara news: Photo of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Eker, sociologists working in 81 provinces participated in the tablet computer distribution program. Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister , speaking at the program held at the Ministry , said they can get information about all the activities in the agricultural sector with the tablets to sociologists. The agricultural land of Turkey, Turkey is to be transferred to each of the digitalisation of all agricultural parcels , you enter the computer today to each of the 30 million agricultural parcels that specifies all the geographical data of the agricultural parcel and that the nature of the products produced in the parcel now they're building in a single system will, to talk he continued:Photo \"Therefore , unfortunately, that the Republic of Turkey need legislation but there are laws in an agricultural context we gained after 85 years. the Republic of Turkey in 2006 was brought to an agricultural law . These we did. Support for've made independent of the government's election calendar . So choice of whether or not the agricultural support given . Turkey's needs, geography, facilities , and they are organized so as to realize the people's welfare increases of . If aiming to human , has to serve the people and aims to upgrade in terms of quality of human life and the parameters of that time would not be enough here just agrona me . Just being an expert in breeding work , just not enough veterinary discipline . \"Photo in all rural development projects , in all application projects , production, development projects, not necessarily a sociological discipline glance Additional stated that the ,\"We envisioned agriculture in this state . This is for us a new perspective for Turkey . Today we have a new process . We knew the problems they faced and initially we sent our friends . Today we're equipping a new technological tool that our friends a little more . We give tablet computers. To do their work more easily. In the past engineers sit in towns and city centers. If you ask a question that income citizens respond. From time to time the village goes to the relevant branch , they do work in the field. But we said we will send according to the agriculture and livestock potential of Turkey is 10 thousand villages potential agricultural engineer or veterinarian . We only limitation with each of the areas where they spend their working hours in the village they are located. Besides being there to show the way and sent the manufacturer . This 10 thousand people went to the village where each village also is making the healthy production and inventory related to the industry by entering all production assets . Policy and planning with a database can be directly from the snapshot and testing in the field , this work can be done , \"he said . Establish direct contact with 10 thousand people with tablets distributed to Photo sociologist and information Additional saying to do their work to ensure continued as follows:
\"They will say that a search of the subject . Thats about the farmer's search for what he expected to be asked. Processed data taken from there analyze the possibilities of using this time to do the analysis and sociology , and he will give us information about the project's future and applications . Therefore we have used both technology as well as more field whether there population directly through the field to take the value of the primary sector members , we will have the opportunity to use the facilities of the discipline of sociology . We see this as a permanent agricultural wealth of the nation. Because many of the values ​​of the nation they have is not permanent. But agriculture is not so. \"Photo Program after Eker, sociologist distributing tablet computers to 81 weather team in the province carried out the survey asking 10 thousand people .

Tablet PCs were Distribute to Eker Sociologist" comments for.


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