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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 14:25

Tabriz Culture and Art Week Celebrated in Erzurum

Tabriz Culture and Art Week Celebrated in Erzurum
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Tabriz Arts and Culture Week activities were carried out under the program in Erzurum .

Erzurum news: Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality and Tabriz Municipality in cooperation with the activities carried out , Necip Fazil Kısakürek Cultural Center was held.
Program Erzurum Deputy Governor Ömer Hilmi Yaml , Erzurum Mayor Mehmet the tab , Deputy Chairman of Parliament Fevzi Parker, the AK Party Erzurum Provincial President Fatih Yesilyurt, Tabriz Municipality Vice President Murtaza Us the Islamic Republic of Iran Erzurum Consul General Reza Kılıçh , the Mufti Hasan Cinar, Culture and Social Affairs Mehmet Emin Self and other officials. In his opening speech, President of the tab , Erzurum and Tabriz, said that the two sister cities . Tab , said:\"Erzurum and Tabriz , deep-rooted civilization has two brothers, is the city . Two eminent our city , culture in terms of shared values ​​hosts . These common values ​​at the core of love, cultural unity , national spirit , one nation, two states facts and brotherhood bridge has . Eastern Azerbaijan province capital of Tabriz , poets who inspired a city. Heydar Baba strings owner Shahriar bosom raised this saint with the county that our bond back centuries is based. Tabriz and Erzurum between the phonetic , sociological and historical shares many characteristics are . Tabriz and Erzurum folk culture of the very close similarity holds . known as Erzurum settlements belonging to one of the gates name Tebrizkapi is . \"
Erzurum and TABRIZ cooperation between
President Mehmet the tab , two municipalities between drew attention to the importance of cooperation . Tab , said continued:\"All of these common values ​​that incorporate two provinces Metropolitan Municipalities years ago'Sister City'signed a protocol . Erzurum and Tabriz between the municipal services, co-operation in addition , tourism, social, cultural and public sports organizations based in this protocol has strengthened the spirit of brotherhood between the two cities . \"Tabriz Municipality Vice President Murtaza Abd and the Islamic Republic of Iran Erzurum Consul General Reza Kılıçh that , the hospitality due to the President Sekmen thanking , Erzurum and Tabriz province among the brotherhood of law and union of hearts that there was expressed. After the speeches referred to the poet Shahriar and has given concerts by artists from Tabriz . Chairman of the tab , in the event of Tabriz delegation gave various gifts .


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