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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 12:47

Tags:\"The Koran The Koran is the drug of the Spirit \"

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Erzurum Mayor Mehmet the tab , \"World Mental Health Day\"has released a message due .

Erzurum news:
about mental health of a social consciousness should be composed stated that the tab , in the message of these opinions replied:\"World Mental Health Day, mental health and mental illness in the community's awareness and understanding in order to improve is celebrated . mental health without the health not. Health When it comes mostly physical health is understood . Yet, health care, mental health and physical health is a whole . mental health disorders common belief contrary to society's small cut not a significant proportion in population are also seen. mental illness the whole population of interest is a problem. today on Earth about 450 million people mental problems that 20 million people mental problems are known to exist . \"
President Mehmet the tab , in the message of Islam in the mental health emphasis also drew attention. Tab , said:\"The Quran Koran mental health , psychological balance and peace of mind to the subject a special importance is given . Almighty God , the holy book our destiny and the hereafter to the faith , trust and patience orders. Verse of the meal Considering the strong faith and Islamic principles in the created human life, mental stress mitigating , distress relief and crisis destroys important are the details . Qur'an al-Karim, the spirit heals . robust and healthy soul foundation of Islam and faith are possible. \"

Tags:\"The Koran The Koran is the drug of the Spirit \"" comments for.


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