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SON Dakika

  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 12:16

Taken into custody journalist Soner Yalcin Denizli

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Journalist Soner Yalçın in the morning at 6:00 in Denizli were detained by the police.

Journalist Soner Yalcin was detained by police in Denizli in the morning at 6:00 . Photo Kemalist Thinking in Society Denizli to attend an interview conducted by the Branch to Denizli from journalist Soner Yalcin , spent in a hotel in Denizli night . Ankara did not go to the grounds stated in the case ongoing police teams arrived at the hotel at 6:00 in the morning as well . Soner Yalcin police team detained on the subject , Yalcin took Denizli State Hospital. After making a phone call the cops and prosecutors, took me back to the hotel where Yalcin left. After the press conference was to be heard Events Photo Soner Yalçın . Morning stating that played by two plainclothes police on the door in the 06b00 order Yalcin, \"When I opened my door to two plainclothes person they told me they were police . They said it was about me capture the decision. I'm a man previously detained coming police 60 my house. Take only security they know the subject when I asked the subject they they said they received orders to . Given the continuous press card holder that I am if custody just told the future agenda of this event in the world is not in Turkey. I said that all address the state is at hand ,''he said.
such a custody case that expression of would not be suitable Yalcin, he said:\"One day when I give it 3 martyrs of our country would not be taken into custody such a beautiful event . I am met with the police chief or governor. Let me explain to them the situation. I said quietly arrange business . However, they said they received an order so that should definitely take me into custody. After going to the hospital , they made ​​a few phone calls. They said they would take me back to the hotel I stayed . I suspect . Did assassination took me in custody he will make'Photo

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