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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 16:06

Talent Myth of a period , the golfer now coming to Turkey

Talent Myth of a period , the golfer now coming to Turkey
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A new golfers the famous football stars on November 11-18 \"The Signature \"in the tournament called the Gloria Hotel in Antalya Golf will share their trump card .

İstanbul news: Playing soccer in the period they become legendary former football player from Alan Shearer, Andriy Shevchenko, David Seaman, Peter Schemeichel , Andy Cole , Les Ferdinand, John Jensen, Dwiight Yorke and Robbie Savage , Matrix Travel and Devid Platter his organization Antalya, Belek golf play will .
11 to 18 November 2014. in Antalya Belek Gloria Hotel stay in and still Gloria Golf course to do in \"the Signature \"called the tournament the former footballer now the golfers skills will exhibit .
let's see the new golfers in football prowess They're skilled in golf as well ? that 11 to 18 November in Antalya on'll see.
Golf Federation President that since his organizational Turkey almost the golf center that made our country and contribute to promoting , providing
Golf Federation President Ahmet Agaoglu of this tournament stating that an organization is very important ; Gloria Hotels and thanked the organizers Matrix Travel .
Gloria Hotel and Golf Club, owner of Özaltın his statement ; \"Hotel with our golf course and our tournaments are willing to . Many tournament hosts have done . Our hotels quality in Europe is very well known . Our many award-winning and architecture are talked of . Golf course for our golf with the men they know , the field of our world-class field saying \"for the tournament, they were ready , he said.
come to Antalya legends of Galatasaray's UEFA Cup won the final match Arsenal fortress protecting and 75 times British National Team fortress protecting David Seaman from , again , Arif Erdem ate goals Galatasaray renewed after 40 years of that period the fortress that protects Manchester United's Peter Schmeichel . Besiktas shirt wearing a period Belözoğlu'nun team-mate Les Ferdinand and Emre's famous
Manchester City striker Alan Shearer, Milan's world-famous Ukrainian striker Shevchenko is interested in the sport of golf .
Antalya future of legendary football player let us remember ...
Old English national goalkeeper . During the 13 years of his playing career has kept Arsenal's goal . The performance reached England National Team . For 14 years in the national team first goalkeeper and 75 national match the captain was , in 2002 after the World Cup national team gloves for the last time on 16 October 2002. England-Macedonia match wore .
2000 UEFA Cup Final Arsenal jersey against Galatasaray wearing a shirt during a match, in the castle many dangers for riding , eating goals have , but in a penalty shootout team eliminated an obstacle to no avail.
British former national football , football history is considered to be one of the best strikers in .
Southampton, Blackburn Rovers , Newcastle United team alongside England National football team wore the jerseys . 260 goals in Premier League history , with 206 goals is the top scorer in the history of Newcastle United . In addition, the history of football's best penalty was awarded .
Andriy Shevchenko football as a child before
engaged in boxing in a boxing match Shevchenko nose was broken. D.kiev of Ukraine's oldest team in professional football began. 5 Ukrainian League title suffered . Ukrainian Premier League top scorer twice managed to be . D.kiev jersey a total of 94 goals scored in 166 matches . In 1999, he was transferred to Milan . 24-goal top scorer in his first season in Italy was throwing . In 2004, the elected European Footballer of the Year award Ballon d'Or was . In Italy ; 1 championship , 1 Italian Cup, one Italian Super Cup, one UEFA Champions League winner , first lived victory in the Super Cup . 127 goals in 6 seasons in Italy , the Milan jersey with a total of 6 seasons , scored 173 in 296 matches . Was transferred to England's Chelsea team . He left football in 2012 . International Football History and Statistics of the Federation of the 21st century the best striker in the list of Shevchenko, Ukraine National Team and the European Cup, scored a total of 74 goals with the 12th as the place aldı.111 time Ukraine National team jersey wore .
Peter Schmeichel
Danish National Goalkeeper, is active in the years cited as one of the world's best goalkeeper . Especially at a head with two goals in the last minute is remembered . He was transferred to Manchester United after only 60 thousand pounds for its performance Sir Alex Ferguson's \"History of the Best Bargain Transfer\"has been praised in the cellar . Schmeichel also at the legendary Champions League Final ( Bayern Munich-Manchester United ) was wearing a shirt and lifted the trophy . Pele is prepared , the 100 best living footballers in the list almaktadır.129 wearing the uniform of the Danish National Team was also a goal .
British former national football player. In the 1990s, usually Andy Cole with the name of a well-known , but in 2000, Andrew Cole called preferred not explained that .
Premier League career 187 times nets aired Cole , 11 November 2008 football farewell . Huddersfield Town is currently technical director . 15 times is dressed in the uniform of the British National Team .
Les Ferdinand
British national striker . 1988/1989 Gymnastic Club has played in the season . Besiktas leased by Gordon Milne was appointed as the first seasonal . Turkey Cup final match, Toni Schumacher was one of the goals scored is still unforgettable . British striker , played in a season with Besiktas jersey Cup and Presidents Cup championships in Turkey lived. He returned to England at the end of the season and thoroughly yıldızlaştı . One of the immutable elements of the national team , while Queen's Park Rangers and has played a very successful performance , scored 90 in 183 games . In 1995 he was transferred to Newcastle United . 50 goals scored in 84 matches . British National wore jersey 17 times and scored 5 goals . Euro 96 and the 1998 World Cup finals took place in the England National Team roster . Manchester United midfielder Rio Ferdinand's cousin .
English footballer , Platt football career in 1982 , began in Manchester United's infrastructure . Crewe Alexandra wearing a shirt for the third season Platt, despite playing in midfield, has played in 134 league games he scored 56 . Aston Villa in the 1989-90 season, he scored 19 in 37 matches . Its performance throughout the year England won the World Player of the Year . Bari, Juventus and Sampdoria wore shirts . Juventus UEFA Cup championship , the Italian Cup championships living Platt at Sampdoria in 1995, the country returned to Arsenal in England .
England 62 times wearing the national jersey Platt scored 27 .
Robert William \"Robbie \"SAVAGE
Welsh football commentator and former player . Respectively, Crewe Alexandra , Leicester City ,
Birmingham City , Blackburn Rovers wore the shirts . 537 times the professional game played in midfield footballer Robbie in this match 37 goals scored.
Wales national team 39 times midfielder star football player second goal scored .
Dwight Eversley YORKE
Trinidad and Tobagol former national football player. Manchester United play with partner Andy Cole lived at the time was the brightest days of her career . A UEFA Champions League in his career and has three Premier League titles . In 2009 Sunderland AFC club football life was ended in .
1989-2006 years between the 58th time in Trinidad and Tobago National Football Team shirt wearing , and this match total of 26 goals were .
JOHN JENSEN < br/> Danish international footballer. In the most brilliant days of his acting career at Arsenal played . 1992 European Championship in Denmark's 2-0 win in the opening match, scored the first goal . Danish Footballer of the Year award and won a lot of times . Country of Brøndby team came up with the UEFA Cup semi-finals . 21 scorer in the Danish National Team Jensen in 1999, has served as both a player and coach . 7 championships in Denmark with Brøndby team suffered. Arsenal Premier League champions suffered.

Talent Myth of a period , the golfer now coming to Turkey" comments for.


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