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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 09:57

Tales Related Illnesses in Kas Training Seminars

Tales Related Illnesses in Kas Training Seminars
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Community Health Center in the town of Kas, Antalya (TSM) May 8, due to World Thalassaemia Day for informational and educational seminars to bring awareness .

Antalya news: Community Health Center in the town of Kas, Antalya (TSM) May 8, due to World Thalassaemia Day for informational and educational seminars to bring awareness .
TSM midwives of the Dilber Teke and Huriye exposure on the clinic training provided by the thalassemia consisting of the hardships and treatment processes being told , Brow Community Health Center Bircan Splitter , Mediterranean anemia known as of thalassemia primarily in the Mediterranean region to be seen , although spread through migration began to be seen in every country of the world is an inherited blood disorder , he said.
mom and dad genes in diseased depending on whether the child can appear in states of thalassemia DR . Splitter , \"thalassemia minor thalassemia trait is . These individuals is completely healthy and mild anemia problems outside will not. Thalassemia major patients type.
3-4 months , starting from the continuous blood transfusions require a serious blood disease. These children for themselves necessary hemoglobin in sufficient quantity can not. weakness, fatigue , loss of appetite , irritability, liver and spleen enlargement as a result of abdominal distention , frequent fever, facial and skull bones starting from the bone changes and a typical facial appearance appeared çıkar.talase intermedia mild disease type. Carriers as completely not healthy , disease symptoms usually later in life , starting blood needs less of the disease is mild type , \"he said .
thalassemia carrier vast majority of these carry diseases that they do not know well expressing dr.yarıc , however, thalassemia major have a child when they are or special blood test indicators , they learned , thalassemia Trait from parents to children that passed and life-long continued , he said.
Dr. Splitter , \"Carrier not be to determine whether a specific blood test is required. These tests should be performed before marriage . With this test purposes , marriage can not prevent the carrier detect infected children born to prevent , \"he said . Disease prevention in community education, carrier screening of methods and detection , genetic counseling and prenatal diagnosis are very important , adding that the dr.yarıc , the \"If parents both of 25 percent of all children are likely to be born healthy carriers , 50 percent and 25 percent of likely carriers as they possibly can be patient . Will arise only if one of the parents of each child carrier 50 percent to 50 percent solid and has a chance of being a carrier .
Thalassemia is an inherited trait trait . To make the test for thalassemia , thalassemia centers başvurulmalı.sağlıkl for having a child before marriage, do you need to be tested for thalassemia . Of the couples taking the test Hemoglobinopathy Control Programme of the Ministry of Health in the framework are required. Referring to married couples in family medicine center can make this test , \"he said .

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