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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 10:42

Talked to the citizens of Ahmed Zoning Changes

Talked to the citizens of Ahmed Zoning Changes
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Urban transformation captures Mamak Municipality continues its successful line President Massoud Ahmed , met with citizens in the areas of urban renewal efforts will be made to inform citizens directly .

Ankara news:
urban renewal work area prior to the citizens by listening to their ideas and shape the necessary work in accordance with the wishes of the citizens Akgul, happy to be in the neighborhood prior to the renovation work has met with neighborhood residents . In the development plan , the latest about the changes Happy Neighborhood residents most competent orally inform Akgul, \"This region development plan past the immediate neighborhood among residents deliberately team discourses were removed . These discourses you direct victims of the effect that it may . However, I came to office from the day in any way Mamak for victims will no projects did not throw throw , \"he said .
RIGHTS hOLDERS victimized than not become more lucrative
rights holder in any way victimization that particularly emphasized that Akgul, \"Metropolitan Municipality've done with personal and persistent work as a result we have prepared development plans we had. plans end of the term you new rights would win. 0.50 the fair value by increasing the two precedents have given here . this means that the construction right 100 meters to 400 meters involved . So now you have the land share is used precedent four times the size right are making , \"he said.
Information meeting the citizens in their heads questions one by one asking hesitation gone . The region's new development plan with the security of citizens , social facilities and green areas, now the site of the modern life style they Ahmed expressed as rumors deliberately asked not to be removed . Meeting of the AK Party Chairman Mohammad Abdullah Özer Mamak Mamak Municipality Council Vice President Erdal Ak, Municipal Councillors , vice president , unit directors and eligible citizens participated . Happy zoning changes made ​​in the neighborhood of 110 thousand square meters, covers an area of ​​parts and has an area of ​​310 eligible citizens .

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