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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 09:55

Target in Denizlispor'da 3 Points

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Manchester City wants to move to the exit by beating Adanaspor'a will host them on Sunday.

Denizli news: Photo PTT 1 League will host the 9 single-goal wins in Denizlispor'da Adanaspor'a at home during the week. Last regressed to two weeks at a time he took the defeat well and remaining green-siyahlılar 8 points , both want to get out and get 3 points by beating Adanaspor'a . Andanov can not play with the injury in the match Manchester City coach wanted to work for the player to get 3 points from Ozcan Bizati . Bizat said, \"We lost points not in our mind. We will then proceed more carefully . Adanaspor match will be the final output for our hope . If we reflect on what we want the field , I believe that we will receive 3 points .\"The match will be played between Adanaspor
Manchester City ticket prices have been announced. Marathon tribune of the $ 10 grandstand of the £ 15 , guest was announced that the stadium is also £ 15 . Özgüç Denizlispor Türkalp the game is expected to be directed to the following first 11'l:Photo \"İsmail-Hagan, Omer Alp Mehmet You Can, Mustafa sealed, Erçağ Bulent Ertugrul , parents , Alexis , Ellis , Yordanov . \"

Target in Denizlispor'da 3 Points" comments for.


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