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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 16:01

Target Olympics in boxing

Target Olympics in boxing
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Bursa Metropolitan Club, Boxing Coach and National Sports Bahram Muzaffer preparing for the 2016 Rio Olympics .

Bursa news: Metropolitan Boxing Branch Coordinator Kazim Aydin , Metropolitan that Mayor Recep Altepe them all kinds of facilities to be provided in 2016 will be held in the city of Rio Brazil said they were committed to participate in the Olympics. Photo Metropolitan Boxing Coordinator Kazim Intellectuals and National Sports Bahram Muzaffer , perform their work and share their thoughts about the 2016 Rio Olympics. Photo Metropolitan Branch Coordinator Boxing Club Kazim Aydin , sports began in 1969 highlighted the hardships of life in the past . Despite all the shortcomings of Bursa that athletes train and prominent names in boxing stated that saves the world and Turkey Aydin , National Sports Bahram Muzaffer also noted that one of them. To train athletes of the biggest shortcomings in Turkey for many years , emphasizing that it does not find space Aydin, \"We did not find the facility to make training for years Bursa. When we found the place , there was going kick boxing athlete . As a result, fell the performance of athletes prepared in two different branches. We basement on the floor , we have made over crenellated covered outdoor spaces precipitation cold bunch of sports, athletes have trained. the world-famous athlete , our club and players as well as coach Bahram Muzaffer there has grown up , \"he said . Photo Coordinator Aydin , boxing and ill-going sailing in other areas of the Metropolitan Municipality President Recep Altepe period of history , he said confused. Indicating that boxing ordeal President Altepe'ye approved just the message they demand and Aydin, \"Currently boxing gym we use one of them . He is a sportsman background, hearts and sports man , the Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, the problem was the venue for the boxing sağolsun we transmit we were breaking and confirm immediately our demand . by Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate by the allocated boxing gym modernized , has awarded to us for our use . has everything to our room at the moment. Training we have rings , our work equipment complete. we have no problem , \"he said .
Coordinator Kazim Aydın, President Altepe'nin the sensitivity of sports and athletes in Ankara Youth and Sports Minister also said that they Chagatai Sword , examine what has been done during a visit by Minister Sword Bursa said that they approve . Wrestling from every corner of Turkey in Ankara , boxing and taekwondo champion of the Minister Sword is by pooled and sports in Bursa in this meeting and athletes investments Aydın said that they told the participants , \"We are there for the number of our minister ,'Bursa as we do acts as Metropolitan . currently sporting facilities competes with itself , our president in the sense . we want you to see come ,'he said . when Mr. Minister arrived in Bursa, we saw , and gave full points introduce and those who do , \"he said .
now that in addition to themselves, to train athletes to the Olympics with the facilities provided Intellectuals tell they tried their power , \"Now, by performing our duty as we are , moral , decent character , homeland, and our nation useful in competitions between nations , olympic in to read our national Anthem , we must educate athletes the best of even envy. our friends important young talent and new currently experiences consuming effort here to transfer to the next generation Sener with sparse Bahram Muzaffer meticulously working , \"he said.
Metropolitan Boxing Branch Coordinator Kazim Aydin , 2016 Rio will go to the Olympics and said that the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on this subject. The club's Boxing Coach and National Sports Bahram Muzaffer'l indicates that they intensify work Aydin, \"is very difficult to participate in the Olympics , but we have experience . Hopefully, own our continent will enter the first 4 degrees we get international , we will reach our goal successfully we will show in the Olympic qualifiers . Embarrass Mr. our President not needs . to achieve these goals to our faith and the opportunity we have , \"he said. Photo Bursa Metropolitan with who converted back into boxing National Sports Bahram Muzaffer , after the 2012 London Olympics, he took a break from sports , Metropolitan athletes and again by the added on boxing their branches as well as sports coaches told me begin . It is difficult to go to Nationals , Muzaffar said that given the incredible thrill of being in the ring at the Olympics , the Beijing Olympics and the 2012 failure lived in London in 2008 indicate that the stability to compensate for the Rio Olympics in 2016 . Bahram , the experience and goals of the experience of the Olympics was passed with the following words ; Photo \"First it was like a dream when I went to the Beijing Olympics in 2008 . The world's best athletes out there and you're one of them . It was a very different excitement and still was bestowed the 2012 London we also went to the Olympics. There is also not that I want as of 2008 . I reached the final at inshallah , 2016. being Champion primary goal is Turkey , then get medals at European and World Championships. eventually participate in the Olympics Bursa Metropolitan Belediyespor'u and our country in the best way represent \"

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