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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 12:30

Target Super League in Mersin İdmanyurdu'nun

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PTT League 1 Play-Off by finished 6th in the season are eligible to play in Mersin İdmanyurdu'nun goal , winning all the matches again quit the Super League .

PTT League 1 Play-Off by finished 6th in the season are eligible to play in Mersin İdmanyurdu'nun goal , winning all the matches again quit the Super League .
PTT 1 League group matches in the 2013-2014 season, completed 38 weeks of league . Yesterday ended the match as a result of the Spor Toto Super League directly to the rising teams Istanbul Metropolitan and Balıkesirspor , while 3 of the team to determine the play-off matches the Orduspor Mersin İdmanyurdu and Ankaraspor-Samsunspor form took place. Play-off semi-finals in the first match on May 9 on its own turf Orduspor play with the Mersin İdmanyurdu'nun target absolute victory .
Mersin İdmanyurdu Club President Ali Kahramanlı , UAV correspondent special statement, the club season as their unseemly in a place they finished said.
season starting, put the targets directly Champions League stating that Kahramanlı \"However, when we look back'shame, sin and woe'in the match happened. If it matches I could win ya , today I will not talk would be . Unfortunately, we wish we could not. course, come here not easy. league of 19 teams of 6 by completing the play-Off eligible to play , \"he said .
\" this is our fate maçımız \"
the next process is very is important and this process is very good evaluation , emphasizing the need Kahramanlı , \"play-Off semi-final May 9 Friday with Orduspor will play matches all of Mersin invite . Anamur from the Çamlıyayla up everyone's coming Mersin Stadium filling and support teams do not expect . maçımız this is our fate will be . OR reason than ever we need unity and togetherness . El unity , we can accomplish if we joined forces . Mersin İdmanyurdu'nun got to get out of here . Because Mersin İdmanyurdu deserves it , Mersin İdmanyurdu'nun place Premier League , \"he said .
Everyone on this subject as it is to the players and technical team also have a big responsibility , emphasizing that Kahramanlı ,\"such an opportunity may not get . Therefore, everyone should take the duties and responsibilities in this regard . Talent and our technical committee is aware of it and think that they acted accordingly . This week, in order to provide material support to Mersin İdmanyurdu'nun have planned a night . 15-20 thousand units , including one-time we print a combined ticket . I hope the team will give support to everyone that night and we will get the results we desire . This will pep us . So far they have yet . Who support us in this matter , Mr. Governor and Mayor Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu Burhanettin would like to thank Kocamaz . We've got unity , we have joined forces . Hopefully, our efforts will not be misplaced , \"he said .
Play-off matches players before're getting paid , as well as the Super League emergence premiums are per player 150-200 thousand pounds around is reminiscent Kahramanlı , \"Of course, work the material dimension is important, but a in addition reputation, have the honor . Currently in the process of our football players only thought to ascend to the Super League Play-Off should be exiting . We believe in this , we rely on them . We want everyone to believe it , \"he said.
\"Should stand up CITY \"
Management , the team stressed that they believe they will be in the Premier League Kahramanlı ,\"the city that also we expect you to believe and to stand up . Yesterday struggling in the amateur league in Nigde Belediyespor'u group watched. A rise in Mersin 3 league matches have seen that the coupling of the entire dynamic of the city . We're struggling Super League 10 times and the excitement should live their lives . This waiting and we want to see , \"he said .

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