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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 13:48

Targets to Increase Exports

Targets to Increase Exports
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Antalya three days, ongoing and Western Mediterranean Exporters Union (MPWS ) Chairman Mustafa Seller , Mediterranean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association ( PDA) Chairman Ali Kavak , Uludağ Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association President Salih Bush, association board members and exporters involving \"Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Sector Collective Intelligence Meeting \"has ended .

Antalya news:
Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry and the Ministry of Economy's officials also attended the meetings, the Russian Federation to boost exports , Sustain and experienced bureaucratic obstacles to an end upon the interviews were conducted .
Accra gunpowder in the hotel , which took place three-day meeting at the end of the exporters and ministry officials on a session that provides information about the Western Mediterranean Exporters Union (MPWS ) Chairman Mustafa Seller , fresh fruits and vegetables exports in all aspects tabled said.
meetings generally outlining MPWS Chairman Mustafa Seller \"Antalya and the Mediterranean Sea in the greenhouse season begins. Citrus season is short while before it began . recent years developments in the wake of the Russian Federation made ​​to increase exports would like to . exports while increasing the permanent hall to bring the aim ,\"he said .
fresh fruits and vegetables exporters aim to boost exports that the emphasis MPWS Chairman Mustafa Seller export operations experienced during the bureaucratic barriers referring to , \"three days of meetings in exports experienced bureaucratic obstacles both sides good relations firm footing and the exporter's more comfortable to export about all the issues were discussed . Talks touched on what happened . The results will be meeting in the coming days . Industry representatives on this issue hopeful , \"he said . Meeting in cold chain , facility upon studies were performed.
The Russian Federation , including fresh fruit and vegetable exports take place all the countries of the cold chain to break noted. Products intact , quality one way to reach the consumer be at the point of cold chain Referring to the importance MPWS Chairman Mustafa Seller , \"export stage of the product to vehicles from loading to buyers until the cold chain to be broken ,\"he said .
of cold chain for meeting the Ministry of Economy Export Executive Vice Saban Ozdemir was also involved.

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