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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 13:11

Tarhan:\"Simulating Low self-esteem in people Happens \"

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Psychiatrist Prof.

Aydın news: Dr. Nevzat Tarhan, because of the people who constantly happy image that feels sad , self , although not that of individuals pushing different behavior , said could trigger mental certain diseases in the people of this state. Tarhan stated that when he saw a smiling man in a patient who
Depression gave reactions , \"Sometimes,'I do not laugh and he laughed Amas'as can be reactions can even do things opposite can people get angry. Some people are not those who laugh at how manages it , what can I do to achieve well he thinks. to analyze to evoke what emotions in themselves a case before the people important . this people is an important approach in terms of self-recognition . Because in this case reached an advanced level of jealousy can cause reactions such as harm to the other party may become a not manage a certain time then now feeling , \"he said . people with balanced Photo mental health has seen in others Tarhan explaining things well and good to feel the feeling of being forced to imitate , \"imitation behavior, low self-esteem would be in person . Imitation , emulation , imitation behavior in persons with feelings of inadequacy generally is one of the developed behaviors to relieve himself . Discomfort felt in such cases must be resolved by taking professional support before reaching the advanced level , \"he said .

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