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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 17:53

Tarsim , the Multiple Risk And Insurance Preparing for the Efficient System

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Agricultural Insurance Pool (TARSİM ) Chairman Ramazan Kadak , Food and Agricultural Monitoring and Information System conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock ( TARBİL ) when the project is commissioned Multiple Reskin and Efficient Insurance System will gradually begin to implement , he said.

Malatya news: Photo TARSİM Disclosure and Representations Damage Payment ceremony was held at the Hilton Hotel. The ceremony, Governor Süleyman Whip , the AK Party Malatya deputy Mustafa Sahin and Jamal Ali , TARSİM Chairman Ramazan Kadak , TARSİM General Manager Assistant Intelligent Karakurt, Inonu University , Faculty of Agriculture Dean prof. Dr. Bayram Murat Asma, public institutions and managers, TSO President Hasan Hüseyin Erkoç , many NGO representatives and invited guests attended. Photo TARSİM Malatya Regional Director Benjamin Kadak , \"19,29,30,31 these dates , including March experienced frost damage in apricot products . therefore, we had the damaged files over 18 thousand . starts first studies on 4 April and ended in May first week . in our definitive appraisal reports were completed on July 7 , 2014. producer us for the 2014 premium production is £ 18 million was . in return, we perform a compensation of 75 million TL \"gave shape information . the Photo TARSİM Chairman Ramazan Kadak , TARSİM premiums stating that showed a significant increase and the rise since 2007, \"in 2007 with 19 thousand policies we started . we've reached 892 thousand policyholders at the end of 2013. the number of policies in 2014. although it is not the end of the number of policies currently 1 million past cases, \"he said. Photo Kadak said ,\"Food, Agriculture and Agricultural Monitoring and which is one of the important projects of our Livestock Ministry information System ( TARBİL ) parcel-based land covered with the introduction of an identification of each parcel to be processed agricultural insurance risk-based parcel data system and can be calculated . in this way ; each parcel , its risk ratio will try to ensure payment of premiums. With the results of this project we aim to exceed the new insurance system. In developed countries, herbal products in all the Multiple Risk is an insurance system that is applied against the risks and Yield Insurance System with herbal products and the guarantees given to risk , gradually, our country shall be applied in the Agricultural Insurance Model . Have drought, flood , water UymUş , full UmUymUş not deal with them individually . Imagine a field of wheat yields an average of 500 pounds that let's face it , due to any disaster , that this 500-pound yield dropped to 300 pounds of whatever disaster . This 200-pound difference being the subject of insurance and insurance that is trying to compensate citizens by providing a standard yield 200 pounds. One means the only risk with the guarantee of the average yield determined without the hassle \"gave shape information . The
AK Party Malatya Deputy Jamal Ali , \"Heaven venue period Menderes came to agricultural insurance Turkey in 1955 and started to be implemented , but in 2005 until the year was half percent benefit from this opportunity . This lack of regard to the area of the AK Party government has issued a law in 2005, and I TARS Our farmers have benefited from this practice more than 20 times . We have our farmers that 9 percent have started to benefit from agricultural insurance , \"he said . The
AK Party Malatya deputy Mustafa Sahin,\"really is important that these apricots in Malatya , now began to important as apricot TARSIM in recent years. Today I received all of the content including TARS including expanded coverage of agricultural insurance and flowers. These are important things . Our peasants , our farmers need to be aware of this . Here, perhaps due to a number of our citizens know that they lack policies could not have been achieved in the currently targeted figures . But I'm sure our citizens in the number of policies and every day during their awareness and will increase in both the primary number. \"Photo Malatya Governor Süleyman the whip , \"the agricultural sector , as you all know, is the most risky among sectors showing the activities that production. Property damage caused by any natural disaster that will occur in agricultural products , our farmers will leave a very serious financial hardships. All farmers who have an income based on agricultural products , even if subjected to any disaster must continue production. That is our obligation to the farmer or the tractor , or sells the animals in the barn will , or will cause to enter below the long-term debt burden. You will of course appreciate that all of these cases will bring a heavy burden to our farmers and our farmers will not get a chance to recover himself , perhaps 8-10 years . Our products they produce farmers with agricultural insurance law if they are insured , you will be compensated for losses incurred in a short time and will have gained a more secure production facilities . Therefore, crop production and animal production basis to insure their assets, primarily due to its economies of our farmers to meet in the real sense of the membranes caused by not aggrieved and natural disasters , and afterwards is of utmost importance for the national economy , \"he said . Photo Representation of damage at a ceremony at Checkout readily available to farmers were given checks . Hasan Hüseyin Erkoç President TSO speaking during the ceremony , \"We would like to thank made ​​nice service. But we want the implementation of the bonus system applied in apricot nuts . It is the desire of our hearts as Malatya , \"he said . Ended after the administration of the voucher represents a Photo ceremony .

Tarsim , the Multiple Risk And Insurance Preparing for the Efficient System" comments for.


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