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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 12:16

Tarsus armed fight in front of Courthouse

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Do not miss the girl in front of the courthouse in Tarsus, Mersin, the armed fight over the issue , two people were injured in several places.

Mersin news: Photo by information received, at loggerheads with families because of the kidnapping coincided girl in front of the courthouse. The girl's father Sertaç A. ( 44) and his brother Ramzi A. (42) with a panel discussion among families who allegedly kidnapped their daughter. Shotgun miss the girls they hold parties on the discussion into a fight opposite side of the car and they randomly fire rifle . A. Sertaç opened fire on fleeing into the courthouse with his brother Ramzi A. were injured in various places . The opposite side has surrendered to police
Armed enter into the courthouse. The wounded brother from Sertaç A.'first intervention was made by the 112 Emergency teams from the court. Photo Heart made ​​Sertaç message was apparent that A.'s head and face wounds . A. sertaç removed by stretcher in an ambulance to the hospital has been removed. Availability partys learned that heavy while life-threatening , his brother Ramzi A. The lower wound in the foot and continue treatment.
Involved in the incident and the alleged use of weapons LT and M.R.G. with 2 people were arrested .

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