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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 13:46

Tarsus Central Boarding Men Koran School Opened

Tarsus Central Boarding Men Koran School Opened
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In Tarsus, Mersin completed the construction of a 4-storey Central Boarding Men Quran Course was opened with a ceremony .

Mersin news:
Fevzi Cakmak in the neighborhood of 4 floors built as a course opening ceremony of the Presidency of Religious Affairs of the enlightened on the Head Win Akin, Tarsus Governor Hasan Migration, Mersin deputy mufti Hasan Hüseyin Roses Tarsus Mufti charitable Erenay , neighborhood residents and invited guests attended . < br/> Quran recitation , starting with the opening program, County Mufti charitable Erenay the opening speech continued with .
Erenay speech, \"Today a deed of righteousness ourselves witness to make this opening edit ended. such a plant in imparting particularly our association , including Department of Religious Affairs of the contributions of Tarsus significant contributions to this undertaking was made. a year in a while as it was made. 44 student capacity Presidency of Religious Affairs of the predicted 4 or 6 bed dormitory with and the Ministry of Education stipulated square units this facility is made ​​even larger sizes suitable , closed systems supported by the camera in the future that we believe will provide very good services of a Koran courses . Tarsus was revealed this beautiful service . There are approximately 1250 square meters of indoor space , with classrooms full sample consists of 4 floors with a Koran courses . Interior design and complete the chapter mem incomplete. There is a lot more we can do . Courses in these neighborhoods in the Quran Koran voice resound . It worthy of Tarsus and Turkey . Incinerate destroying civilization, a civilization that has set no date . If you look at history madrassas and schools by establishing at the same time lead the world society will encounter \"he said .
City Deputy Mufti Hasan Hüseyin Roses in his speech ,\"Tarsus people's cooperative construction provided that the Quran Course for Opening to join us happy is . This is of course the Koran to be instrumental in Tarsus, and no wish to Tarsus . Tarsus important religious and scientists throughout history has produced . After that will be raised in , \"he said .
Tarsus Migration Governor Hasan said:\"The world is going to a party . 1400 years ago. In those years of ignorance, brutality, human blood can not get enough . Why Buddha is occurring . Our God we do not understand our message occurs can not get it right . Today there is a beautiful Quran Our course there, this rising building in the teaching of Quran task from where it will continue , \"he said .
Finally, speaking of Religious Affairs Presidency Guidance Department Head Win Akin , the \"Today man eats man is called the Middle was founded in the east of the human person . He has said the prophet of mercy compassion . Human beings can not founded , is the home of the human person . As of the year 2014 in Turkey 1 million 150 thousand people, we have the course area . For the education of their master teacher serves 38 thousand . Each year, seven thousand of our people for Driver currently being enrolled , 5 thousand of them caught up in the document are mem . Today we inaugurate this beautiful resort should not be an orphan . New knowledge and clergy should be grown here . These neighborhoods should be chanted with the sounds of the Qur'an . Who contributed to the making of these facilities , which support all our people , benefactors , our muftis and religious officials , would like to thank the members of the protocol . God bless everyone , \"he said .
The newly built Central Boarding speeches Men Quran Course was opened with a ceremony .


Tarsus Central Boarding Men Koran School Opened" comments for.


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