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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 17:49

Tatlıcı in Kartepe Checked

Tatlıcı in Kartepe Checked
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Kartepe Municipal Police Department teams, check the county holdings across the manufacturing and sale of sweets .

Kocaeli news: Photo of Public Health observed that the audit team to thicken the Kartepe municipality in the district due to the Police Department ; candy, chocolate , delight , gms , bakery and dessert production and keeping businesses with sales under the lens . Selma Municipal Manager in overseeing the team's Steel , the company continues to control different parts of the district on a periodic basis . Police teams , the overall cleanliness of the workplace, compliance with health regulations , production area of ​​control, the employees and the appropriateness of personal care and work clothes sale manufacture of products made ​​and made inspections on the expiration date . Providing information about Photo Controls Kartepe Municipality Municipal Manager Selman steel, \"under the supervision of our framework carried out by our Police teams in our district was inspected businesses that sweet production and sale. we have time to businesses related to food selling business place of exhibition and production identified in our audit in place of negativity. in the jointly controlled entity besides the business end of the period will be checked again physical was brought to the attention on the image and cleanliness. Besides inspections we do for our fellow citizens to make healthy products , the products that our people receive should check the manufacturing and expiry dates and must take products containing ingredients that are suspect. our control that promotes the public health will continue uninterrupted in different lines of business , \"he said .


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