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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 18:04

Taught to police martyrs was the Prophet's Birthday

Taught to police martyrs was the Prophet's Birthday
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Karlıova killed in the town of Bingol, the Prophet's Birthday for 8 police were read .

Bingöl news: Karlıova killed in the town of Bingol, the Prophet's Birthday for 8 police were read .
Karlıova district of Bingöl in 2012, located in the village of pilgrims killed in ambush for the eight police were taught religious ceremony in the Great Mosque . After Asr prayer taught citizens showed great interest in mevlidi . Quran Quran read by religious officials , held after Eid Al-Sharif and chanting prayers of the martyrs was a gift to the spirit of the police . From the mosque to the citizens by the police , Turkish delight and rose water were served.
Eid program then makes a statement Bingol Governor Ibrahim Taşyapı , \"The September 16, 2012 Karlıova returning from duty in the police against our in an attack eight police officers have been martyred . Course, this province for a very painful hadith was. these events who were killed in all police brothers and sisters mercy from Allah wish. them our martyrs . Hopefully supreme authority are all at . their families whereby the chief health give wish . safety teşkilatımızın also organized a memorial program congratulate . them God have mercy in heaven, where a high eylesin . our country such incidents in the past more was going on. Fortunately, these days, a lot do not live . Hopefully, peace and brotherhood end of the process in this way if we could get , I hope one more such events will not live . younger police and our our soldiers in such attacks have been killed will not be . this occasion I'm condolences to all again . To them God have mercy say , \"he said .
Eid program , Bingöl Provincial Police Director Atalay Urker, Mufti Majid Campbell , Director of Education Jacob Yellow, AK Party Bingöl Provincial President Yusuf Coskun, police and citizens attended the meeting.
Karlıova district pilgrims village neighborhood , riot police vehicle during the transition , pre-vents placed in a bomb explosion as a result of Murat Toprak , Fatih Celayir , Samet Kıcal , the Şehymus Karakutu Osman uvula , the Jennifer Lamb , Friday Lentils and Hope Lightning had been killed .

Taught to police martyrs was the Prophet's Birthday" comments for.


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