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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 18:49

Tav , the first nine months were Increase 52 Percent wife

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TAV Airports Holding's consolidated net profit rose 52 percent in the first nine months of 2014 amounted to 174 million euros.

İstanbul news: The company , the number of passengers served by the airports operating showed an increase of 14 percent over the previous year. Photo TAV Airports , the first nine months net profit for the previous year of 2014 increased 52 percent compared to the same period rose to 174 million euros. TAV Airports Holding CEO M. Sani Sener, \"Istanbul Ataturk Airport on the way to the TAV Airports , 13, to its portfolio over 14 years activity which clearly demonstrated the dynamism adding new airport . We inherit our growth policy in July 2014, Milas-Bodrum Airport domestic terminal and we continue with the international terminal will inherit the same airport in October 2015 . using the tourism potential of this airport until the end , we will serve our both our country shareholders . our main partner, Aéroports de we have established the largest airport platform in the world along with Paris . posed this platform global know-how and business culture with the world's best airport development opportunities to catch now much more equippedto to use . work ability in different cultures found in the attitude of the tradition has now reached a global scale. we add to our portfolio in December of 2013 with Zagreb Airport in the first 9 months of services inorganic growth amounted to 4 per cent in the number of passengers we provide. Total percent of our 14 finds passenger growth would remain at around 10 per cent were not these two airports , \"he said .
CEO Sener in the third quarter of 2014 , TAV Airports, service providers stated that the very fruitful in terms of inorganic growth ,\"52 more than a thousand products'travel value'concept that combines with our passengers ATU Duty-Free Oman Salalah and won the privilege of duty-free area businesses in five airports in Tunisia. Thus, to have moved its operations to 19 airports in seven countries. TAV Operation Services , serving the Air France-KLM passengers in Germany 3 began to serve in the lounge. So enjoy the privilege of comfort we offer our prime class brand is now Germany's Frankfurt, Munich and Stuttgart airports as possible in their private lounges. In addition, the BTA, Istanbul , one of the largest life and cultural centers began operating Uniq Istanbul's food beverage field. Services of our companies in inorganic growth period ahead will be very important for us. \"Photo Sener announced the first nine months of the financial performance also said:\"Our revenues in the first 9 months 2014 4 percent of 720 million euros , EBITDA and 9 percent increase of 327 million amounted to euros. A strict cost discipline policy and our strong operating leverage Taking a 45.4 percent EBITDA margin as a result , we obtained the highest EBITDA margin of 9 months we have achieved so far. Net profit reached 174 million euros already , we went on the profitability we have achieved over the past year-end . 3. The recovery was completed in the quarter and went on duty segment of quarterly revenue last year. Havas efficiency program we have achieved as a result we have implemented high profitability continued in this quarter . BTA, Cakes \u0026 Bakes and logistics companies with growth momentum has increased even more . This corresponds to positive developments , the terminal new domestic we opened in Izmir, operating income and put into practice in Ankara accounting policy changes were suppressed margins of these companies. \"Photo Chief Executive emphasized in the corporate governance culture in Sener, TAV:\"In our country the goal of becoming one of the companies exemplary in the field of corporate governance is very important to us. We carry out our activities as a good corporate citizen thoroughly considering all the effects of our environment and our society. TAV , the necessary criteria meet the new form is included in the Istanbul Stock Exchange Sustainability Index , we are among the 15 companies . Index , long-term and will be an important initiative that considers the social benefits that will encourage investment in Turkey. CDP also report on Turkey's climate change performance among the top 10 companies have shown . 14 years creating a world leader and example to all our employees , I extend my most sincere gratitude to our shareholders and business partners who depend on us all . \"

Tav , the first nine months were Increase 52 Percent wife" comments for.


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