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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 13:47

Tavşanlı in Derelict Houses began to be demolished

Tavşanlı in Derelict Houses began to be demolished
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Tavşanlı Mayor Mustafa Guler, \"We expect some support from government bodies can recover for the building , ready projects.

Kütahya news: However, making the street improvements will fully try to solve the problem by breaking down old structures have lost their property , \"he said . Chairman Guler, Deputy Prime Minister of the statement he made ​​on the action plan for combating Bulent Arinc , drugs by supporting \"We do us the need they strengthen the hands of the municipality about it, \"he said . Photo Tavşanlı Mayor Mustafa Guler, spoke . Municipal teams reminded that the demolition work at various points Guler, so far 10 structure by destroying what they do street improvements , said this study in 2015 to accelerate . Güler \"Lately our citizens from the increase in complaints because in some places and the old disused buildings in order to avoid possible negative situation , we have decided to destroy by making the necessary calls . We perform the demolition of buildings in several areas in recent days . Thus we have that can jeopardize the building eliminates the discomfort might cause the environment. \"Deputy Prime Minister our Photo correspondent in combat action plans with Bulent Arinc drug allocating 220 million, reminded that in the destruction of abandoned buildings , Tavşanlı Mayor Mustafa Guler, would facilitate the work of legal regulations specifying said:\"There are areas where the registered works in Tavşanlı . Situation occurs due to the sheer me share ownership structure . Here , unfortunately, is used for some of the negative behaviors. We have requested permission to apply to the destruction of Kütahya Protection Board . We demolish 10 buildings so far . We will continue to demolish buildings used for bad purposes covered street improvements. I feel strongly that you move your agenda for Bulent Arinc's statements . There is a way out . There are projects that we prepare with our ministry . The Foundation works with the restoration of the structure that we can recover , we will seek to recover its budget of Victory Development Agency . In 2015 we conducted an extensive study with buildings into giremesek the lecturers who are experts in the context of street rehabilitation , \"he said
Meanwhile week in Tavşanlı to come Ağalar investigations in some structures , particularly mosque in Vice President Ali Hürata in this topic shared their views on creating the state's special fund Toki said that such should provide support for restoration of the property owners in the long run . outcrop , Turkey varying degrees of 60 thousand houses in general had stated that it expects restoration . ( BC-EFA)


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