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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 13:45

Tavşanlıl the Provincial Assembly Members prime minister was the invention

Tavşanlıl the Provincial Assembly Members prime minister was the invention
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Tavşanlıl members of the Provincial Assembly was followed by the AK Party Group meeting in Ankara.

Kütahya news: Prime Minister Ahmed common enthusiasm in the meeting hall of the Assembly Members Davutoglu standing ovation. Photo of the AK Party group meeting , Prime Minister , Ahmet Davutoglu, has made a very important statement , especially economic development agenda for the country . Tavşanlıl of the political developments in Ankara Provincial Councillor was followed closely. Tuesday early morning in the capital led to the Provincial Assembly Members Ramadan Aydemir, Osman Oral, Bilal Kıyak , Mustafa Altınbay and Mehmet Cetin, the AK Party Group issues meeting the Prime Minister Davutoglu's speech live streaming should underline the by was announced to the public through social media .
Prime Minister Davutoglu, the G-20 countries, they headed for 1 year , so he said to keep in the hands of the world economy. 25 sector Ahmet Davutoglu said they would strengthen the dynamics of the sector by preparing a conversion package , said they consider Turkey's economy with no long-term planning daily . Alevi issue of seeking to use the evil that said also would not compromise the power of the Prime Minister Davutoglu \"in the face of those who try to disturb your peace of this country d planting will stand . Fraternity we will not disturb anyone. We will not allow fueled the disagreement over the denomination in this land ,\"he said . Combat makes a Photo parallel , the solution process and Israel's Jerusalem rudeness Referring to the Prime Minister Davutoglu, \"We will break in early traps of trap established . even suss everyone in the Masjid Aqsa Republic of Turkey will never be silent . Jerusalem us from the Prophet . Omar , Sultan Selim I , Suleiman the Magnificent , Sultan 2 is Abdulhamid's trust , \"he said . Photo Davutoglu, Tavşanlı is also closely related to a topic that they have completed studies on mines which , the decision on job security said they would share with the public today. ( BC-EFA)


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