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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 12:42

Teacher Released Pol had visits in Turkmenistan

Teacher Released Pol had visits in Turkmenistan
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Malatya Mayor Ahmet Cakir Metropolitan with the AK Party Malatya Provincial Chairman Av.

Malatya news: Bulent tüfenkçileri with party leaders in Turkmenistan have visit to the released teachers get Hacienda Hamdi Hamid Polat past. Photo Turkmenistan allegedly Ashgabat Turkey during his tenure as a classroom teacher at the primary school beating a student May 20, 2014'te arrested and had engaged Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President Parker sentenced to prison for 2 years. Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, Polat the request of the Minister led to the release. Photo Malatya Mayor Ahmet Cakir, in his speech during the visit, Turkey's strong and noting the presence of an effective state'Our teacher free all for it was a very gratifying . Hometown of the family under very difficult conditions away from being in prison is not easy. Praise Mr. President has shown a very significant sensitivity. We extend our thanks to them once again. Turkey's active foreign policy , to be a strong and respected in our state that this result was effective , I think. Really proud state. Dear teacher, our family once you get more history I say ,''he said . The President Photo AK Party City tüfenkçileri is by also stated that Parker of the teacher's release on the speech of joy and pride development ,''First of all we would like to thank Mr. our President . Showed that it had Malatya , including the Parker family especially our fellow teacher with sensitivity and Turkey were all proud. Come out with the citizens of our state , do not forget to them abroad ,'resort see your own'policy not to pursue a case that met in Turkey in recent years. Those who matter in terms of having citizens more nationalistic and sensitive to the views of Turkey,''he said. Photo tüfenkçileri , stressing that they perform before talks with his wife about the status of Parker's teachers''We were informed about our teacher status . The visit of the Prime Minister had the opportunity transmit to Malatya subject Başbakanımıza . Themselves that they have the information, they said they are interested in. Praise Mr. result of contact during our visit to Turkmenistan President teacher was released . He uses historical olsun''ifade to themselves and their families again.

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