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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:58

Teachers in Tavşanlı Garden

Teachers in Tavşanlı Garden
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The first time in Tavşanlı DPI Tavşanlı began serving as cafeteria Vocational College , then closed , and finally allocated for field application to the Girls'Vocational High School building in front of the Ministry of Education building \"Teachers Garden\"as having been redesigned the service will be open to Tavşanlı .

Kütahya news: Photo application workshop located at the entrance of the Directorate of Education \"Teachers Garden\"to serve the citizens and members of the Tavşanlıd to the training staff by name . Kütahya deputy , Gazi , giving information about resumed the project in parallel with the execution road construction work in the region has had the wish to be already beneficial to Tavşanlı . Photo Vural Kavuncu , landscape studies with orders roofing for garden in the description stating that as soon as completed he said:\"Unknown District located in the heart of the city as the National Education Directorate we were giving a display garden discarded and ill-suited to the city. our district taking primarily into account the absence of a social area serving our Teacher , we would like to see here gardens opening a cafe . year in the garden over the past for it unused building in the District Education Structure by moving restored Hayme Home Girls Vocational High School Application brought into the cafeteria. still given food and drink service at affordable prices in the cafeteria . Lunch with school administrators , staff officers , servants and 4/C s are given food with the appropriate fee to the staff . in this regard us this area also evaluating incoming requests \"Teachers Playground \"We made a plan to give as a service. First he removed a quantity of allowances to be closed over the front garden of the existing cafeteria , was awarded the Order of the roof garden at the moment and is expected to do. On the other hand a garden perimeter wall under the new road construction in our discussions with our withdrawal and the municipality agreed to do the interior landscape . This precious space will be freed from the completion of the project abandonment image both our district and will have gained a new social space . Referred to by the name of our teachers and cafeteria will be a garden plant they feel ownership of the teachers and parents in this respect. In addition to our teachers from the facility, which will work with the membership system, members will be able to benefit citizens . \"Photo This indicates the meantime will continue to be areas of application for the cafe's Girls Vocational High School students Kütahya deputy , Gazi , Mayor primarily in support of the project , including Mustafa Güler he thanked everyone . ( BC-EFA)


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