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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:25

Tec-Sen Branch Opens in Kastamonu

Tec-Sen Branch Opens in Kastamonu
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Carrying out earlier as representative TEC-Sen, opened its branch in Kastamonu, Samsun combined .

Kastamonu news: Photo Tec-Sen , Deputy Chairman and Chairman Erol Organizational Kaçakoğl with Kastamonu Branch Chairman Sinan Ozdemir, gave information about union activities by visiting the Ihlas News Agency Kastamonu Branch . Vice President Kaçakoğl of the visit, \"I've served as a representative in Kastamonu since 2007. Tec-Sen , the teacher is an external union . Our in-house servants , cooks , it's our friend who is a public servant as a driver. Our goal is to be come together for our rights that are not in years going our efforts in point. since 1992's unions present serving . in BA union all intellectuals . But look , we rights of never been observed and have not been asked . that's why we , Tec-Sen , we started looking for the rights of other civil servants serving outside the teacher set up the \"he said.
\"she never lay claim to us ,\"said Kaçakoğl the \"get past when we have a patient we did not have to say. I've always left alone . Because the teacher weights in the union we have seemed in the minority. established in this context Tec-Sen Kastamonu branch we ensured that turned into . we opened our branch merging with Kastamonu, Samsun . Branch Presidency us Sinan Ozdemir was brought , \"he said . Photo TEC-Sen explains that there is any interest to teachers of establishing Kaçakoğl , said the following:\"in addition, our problem is not with teachers . Not with the sum received by the teacher. Not their salary , we do not have eyes in the money they receive from Allah give teachers even more , they earn more . But we are , we want to be approached at an equal distance . Today a training allowance is paid to preparation . This allowance is paid to the teacher at the beginning of each year. We are in , want to take advantage of those who work in the education sector, the allocation of services . If the teacher is given a thousand pounds , 500 pounds should be given to employees in the service sector . We want it. At this point we feel the lack of teachers'unions . Because of us , they can not pursue this type of rights. We are in , we went to our Ministry of National Education of training employees as we find the chance to express these issues. Exactly the problem with our running mate in the service sectors , we can express when we went to the ministry \"Photo Kaçakoğl was continued as follows:\"Before, he had no right or entity assigned to another school in another province or city of an officer . Ministry uncle in or will find or be a politician to be appointed or recognized by the higher order . But we are going to appoint as teachers who work in the service sector of the Ministry of Education and wanted to have the right replacement. The Ministry has accepted our proposal and assigned to work in the service sector this by editing within a month , and they recognize the right of displacement . Now working in the service sector , like other teachers usulüyle points can be assigned to each school , which is open in July. We like this happening too much trouble. Of employees in the service sector , we see these issues as a bridge to transmit to the ministry . After that our work will continue unabated speed \"Photo Kastamonu the TEC-Sen Branch Chairman Sinan Ozdemir, said:\"Turkey is our general 10 thousand members. Kastamonu has about 600 employees in the service sector . These employees were currently more than 200 members of our union . Our work will be more beautiful after the branch . We realize that we are taking time off from work to union representation because our school before. I did not get permission every time the suit . But now, seven of our friends is considered on leave every Friday after the government branch . This , together with our friends , our members who work in the service sector will be able to listen to their problems and requests to visit our school . This was a big advantage for us. Hopefully then we will have much better service \"

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