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  • 23 Ağustos 2014, Cumartesi 10:18

Technical Developments Through Nose Surgery Made Easy

Technical Developments Through Nose Surgery Made Easy
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Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Op.

Trabzon news: Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Mustafa Çapar , rhinoplasty surgery is no longer cease to be feared thanks to science , said increasing the number of patients with this condition , he said.
Until recently, surgery, those who want to pull the nose surgeries technical innovations for the patient much easier reminded that Çapar , \"nose surgery , especially post-operative swelling , bruising , prolonged plaster reasons such as patients if they wanted the surgery, avoiding were ,\"he said .
in Trabzon, which operates five years since founder and owner of Aesthetic Çapar Op. Dr. Mustafa Çapar , as in every area of ​​today's technological advances reflected in rhinoplasty , he said. Postoperative used plaster instead now thermoforming thermolabile splints used an expression that Çapar after surgery may develop swelling and bruising of the drugs used , thanks much less have been able to .
Greatest progress anesthesia technique, stating that Dr. Çapar , \"Now the nasal surgeries, anesthesia ( general anesthesia ) without sedation very comfortable with can be made. Especially anesthesia fear and surgery patients without this technique much more comfortable operation can be. Moreover, this technique last 10 years, more than a thousand rhinoplasty operation smoothly done \"he said.
rhinoplasty who wish to patients several recommendations at the Dr.Mustafa Çapar , nasal aesthetic plastic surgery the most difficult surgery is one of the very serious requires experience , so that the surgeon the choice of surgery for positive outcomes in the first priority , he said . < br/> dr.çap , and also in the patient's expectations should be realistic , recalling that'patients should know what you want , \"he said .

Technical Developments Through Nose Surgery Made Easy" comments for.


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