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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:29

Technical Director Erkan Sözeri Met with the press in Giresunspor'un

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PTT League 1 club president in fighting in Giresunspor'un Mustafa Basic Bozbağ and new coach held a press Sözeri Erkan .

Giresun news: Photo Giresunspor Giresunspor Club President made ​​a statement at the meeting held at the Plant Mustafa Basic Bozbağ , coach to fight for Giresunspor'un interests , he said , including Erkan Sözer . Photo Bozbağ , then the results obtained stating that they thought the blood changes \"last week we provide Erkan deal until the end hocayla season . position Giresunspor'un found, not a position we thought. in football if the ball can be experienced particular difficulties do not like you. We also now that we are experiencing difficulties. Hopefully in the future Giresunspor'un the deserved point we will give you a very serious war to move . I want to thank us Erkan teacher for the entry into the war. this is a partnership , together is to go on the road. I'll put our everything up with Erkan hocayla until his mandate is ending , \"he said . Photo SÖZERİ:\" we SPEAK OUT AREA NOT \"Photo Giresunspor'un while stressing that the new coach Erkan Sözeri Giresunspor'un a great community , \"showing a significant performance last year was the first champion Mr. Mehmet management . Current position in the minds of everyone as we found it to be a question mark . One of the most important reason that I do not accept my proposal , Giresunspor'un size, history, and was the president of our approach . I accepted this position because I believe that we will do great work together . We're not in a brilliant position . There are 5 of our 8 score in the match . But if these points a little luck we should have at least 10-12 days. Working with our players , we will fix them . Our players are willing and desirous incredible . Their winner came AmAmAlArIndAki concerns and frustrations causing stress from time to time but we will get through this . Everything looks a victory. Here is a very nice club structure . This beautiful club in terms of points we will try to place it deserves. We will talk on the field, not our job to speak out . I am very happy to come here because , I'm willing , desiring , I love hard and I want to accomplish difficult Giresunspor'un \"he said.

Technical Director Erkan Sözeri Met with the press in Giresunspor'un" comments for.


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