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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 10:06

Technological Products nearsighted trigger

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Special Bonding Eye Health and Disease Specialist Hospital staff Op.

Special Bonding Eye Health and Disease Specialist Hospital staff Op. Dr.. Lokman who Baly, developed and progressed in recent years, especially in countries of the myopic disease triggers increased use of technology, he said.
Op. Dr.. Baly, the diseases related to increased in recent years in his assessment of myopia, myopia in the normal life of a very common eye defect is noted. Op. Dr.. Lokman who Baly, according to statistics, 40 percent of the population in Europe and America, in Asia, 90 percent said that faced with myopia. Op. Dr.. Baylor,"The Myopia last 20 years and in Europe, in America and in Asia two times increased. Eye defect in the formation of genetic and environmental factors have a role that is accepted. Nevertheless, excessive reading, indoor environment, more time spent by sunlight least to take advantage of, too much watching television, electronic hand tools, smartphones, hand-held computers at an early age to use myopic formation plays a major role, also in recent years lifestyle changes are also among the factors considered,"he said.
"CHILDREN lack of natural light ALIVE"
Modernizing, technologized and industrializing children around the world, when a substantial portion of the internal environment in the lack of natural light and adequate physical activity to spend without voicing Op. Dr.. Baly that,"In recent years, numerous research of this lifestyle biopsikososyal and behavioral problems, vitamin D deficiency, rickets, obesity, asthma, attention deficit disorder, depression, anxiety, stress and myopia many diseases such as increase the frequency of shows that. Surely this increase in diseases children with life nature's less and less room to get a close relationship. ancient times, like in a man's nature and all creatures respect and intertwined with nature to live up to believe that you need. rural area of ​​experience with the spread of our forefathers, as our social life in how nature place If we give and nature intertwined with how if we live, daylight and solar how much benefit, we also hormone-free and non-GMO natural products you fed up if we so happy, healthy and vigorous will be therefore of our time in many disease in this way saved will be,"he said.
"read more books in SCHOOL AGE CHILDREN HAVE BEEN demonstrated an increase in myopia"
Op. Dr.. Lokman Baly, the school-age children with reading a lot of books, myopic disease drew attention to the increase occurred. Op. Dr. Baly, the use of technological products, has stated that trigger short-sighted. Op. Dr.. Baly,"the country's increase in education, development, modernization, industrialization and technological progress spread, depending on the myopia of more to occur have been identified. Kent in children living in the external environment, the more absent, outdoors passed scarcity of time, lack of natural light and solar light less than to take advantage of some of the factors that myopia is triggered and myopia prevalence increased as a result has emerged. school-age read more books in children myopia percent increase has been identified, particularly in recent years increasingly common as smartphones, tablets and laptops to use, as well as front of the screen spend too much time too short-sighted in triggering and growth factors in the can and the children's eyes can spoil. Countryside in the life of the spread, close working time reduction in the external environment over there, and sunlight more exposure, myopia prevents the formation seen. Moreover outdoors in brighter light rays dopamine which stimulates the secretion of this hormone eye shape and prevent the formation of disorder and myopia that have been identified by research,"he said.

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