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  • 01 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 09:43

Technological Tools for insertion into the sleep quality of Bedrooms

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Turkish Association Board of Sleep Medicine Assoc.

Turkish Association Board of Sleep Medicine Assoc. Dr. Wisdom Euphrates , creating a quality sleep hygiene to sleep , \"into the TV room , computer technological devices such as mobile phone , or even even put books ,\"he said .
Assoc. Dr. Firat, said in a statement , we sleep time for a healthy life importance we carry , the sleep quality is also quite important , said:\"Climate change is dominated today's extreme heat us sleep or quality of sleep time passing prevent us can be. Atmospheric moisture, and increased rates of sleep our quality considerably breaks , \"he said .
Euphrates , poor sleep as a cause of our mind first underlying sleep apnea, sleep disorders such as came from , noting that he continued:
\"any disease without the physical conditions required sleep quality may deteriorate. sleep hygiene boarding environment that appropriate conditions are satisfied , a person's self-sleep environment , to prepare don'ts of doing things to many factors such as include . many of us busy due to late at night to go to bed early to get up . this situation naturally sleep deprivation , ie, insufficient time to sleep because the next day asleep tired of killing causes . has a different population , even if you sleep on long enough ( this time, although it varies by age average of 6-8 hours are from ) itself still tired when you wake up in the morning and feel rested . The reason for this is'resting sleep'in the deep sleep period is inadequate . \"
Hot and humid weather conditions suitable air conditioning proposing the use Euphrates,\"the hot weather we lie door of the room and open the window partially cool, and although necessary noise and mosquito-like insect to the inside , as well as into the early hours of light to enter the room again will impair the quality of sleep . This type of physical environment is the best way to overcome problems in the use of air conditioners is the right conditions . Ambient temperature 24-25 degrees , which is an air conditioning direct people on the do not come , air filters periodically cleaned in environments where hot summer nights, the ideal sleep environment required for basic elements , \"he said .
Euphrates quality sleep for the sleep hygiene should be established underlining that he continued:
\"First of all , use your bedroom for sleeping only . In-room televisions, computers, mobile phones and other technological tools should not be reading the book , even to the bedroom needs to be done except . Of sheets and pillowcases not synthetic , cotton fabric that is important. Take a warm shower before bed to ease the transition to sleep . In the evening, one important rule to avoid heavy exercise . During the summer months , especially heavy fatty foods like fries for dinner to avoid , at least three hours before bedtime tea and coffee-like fruit must stay away from food and drink . \"

Technological Tools for insertion into the sleep quality of Bedrooms" comments for.


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