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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 16:08

Tekkeköy On the Road Study

Tekkeköy On the Road Study
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A way of working in coordination with the Municipality Council has speeded up work on the roads Tekkeköy in the town center .

Samsun news: Photo streets and boulevards on the road by 15 meters Municipality Technical Services team , while looking for ways Tekkeköy under 15 meters opened by the municipality. After the path determined by the boundaries of all the earth , beneath the mountain material is being violated by laying cylinders. Thus, the floor of the newly opened road and rugged , the effect of the stone paving or made ​​ready for asphalt . Photo Tekkeköy Mayor made ​​a statement on the subject Hasan Asina , \"the zoning in the center of our town , although completed in about ten years ago, no development path opened. A county one of the first steps of the development starts at the opening of the new development path . Our citizens in this area with the opening of new roads or contractors are beginning to do the building . Thus, new neighborhoods, streets , apartments saying is emerged a new living space. However, businesses in these areas , markets are opened and the county different shows the proper development of the area. I would like to thank the Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz . for the opening of our town boulevard way to mobilize all teams. boulevard in the center of our town next to the construction of the main road leading to the village and was open in most of the street the way. We also connected to the way street we opened and neighborhood roads. Our district at a time towards the opening area of ​​the newly opened road and began to expand , \"he said .


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