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  • 05 Kasım 2013, Salı 14:21

Teknosa Grew 36 Percent

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Teknosa General Manager Necil tribe, Teknosa the first 9 months of 2013 grew by 36 per cent compared to the same period of 2012, turnover of 2 billion 141 million pounds during this period, the consolidated net profit was 45 million pounds, he said.

İstanbul news: Teknosa General Manager Necil tribe, Teknosa the first 9 months of 2013 grew by 36 per cent compared to the same period of 2012, turnover of 2 billion 141 million pounds during this period, the consolidated net profit was 45 million pounds, he said. Teknosa
financial results for the first 9 months of 2013, year-end goals and expectations for 2014 were announced at a press conference. Technology of the retail sector is growing at 20 per cent of the first 9 months of 2013, and such a period, compared to 36 percent of the sector on a lot of walking confidently towards the goal of growing voicing Teknosa 2023 Teknosa General Manager Necil tribe,"the first 9 months turnover of 2 billion 141 million pounds, an increase of 35 percent in its consolidated net profit amounted to 45 million pounds. turnover in the 3 billion pounds by the end of 2013 expect to find,"he said.
Teknosa, by 2023 Europe's first towards the goal of being one of the three largest retailer will continue to grow and invest in stating tribe,"Every year in excess of the goals in the first 9 months of 2013 Teknosa did not break this tradition. did at the beginning of the year, the GDP growth target of 15-20 percent in 2013 described the meeting. However, in the first quarter we're gonna have seen a lot on this subject. For this reason, we have revised our goals in the second quarter. first nine months grew by 36 percent compared to the same period last year. During the same period the growth rate of the consumer electronics market in Turkey at the level of 20 per cent. So again, grew up on a lot of the industry,"he said utilized.
22 thousand 250 square meters of sales areas in the first nine months, adding that they reach a total sales area of ​​163 thousand 500 square meters Necil engraving"As of today, 77 provinces, 298 168 thousand square meters of store sales in our field meeting with consumers. year-end As at 30 thousand square meters of new retail space will have reached our target. Teknosa only four provinces do not store, Ardahan, Bingöl, Hakkari and Sirnak. now we are working in the four provinces. stores will be ready in a month when we found the appropriate location. every province in 2014 teknosa meet with consumers. investment of 44 million pounds in the first nine months, I did. year-end will have a total investment amount of the 65 million pounds. 3 billion pounds turnover target of year-end 2013. In this context, the first year turnover of 700 million pounds, will be created a new,"he said .
"assertive in 2014"
Necil talking about the goals of the 2014 Teknosa tribe,"Turkey's consumer electronics market is expected to grow by 17 percent in 2014 still on the growth of the sector, we aim to increase our market share. In this context, the strategic growth areas identified for the year 2014. According to the online channel in 2014 to continue and increase growth, create multi-channel customer experience performing investments, after sales services and strong partnerships we aim to further strengthen our scope of"he said.
in the field of e-commerce'reminded that they have a weight Carving,"teknosa.com2.5-fold increase turnover in 2013 compared to 2012. visits to 85 million by the end of 2013 teknosa.combe expected, with sales turnover of Teknosa stores as of today ranks 3rd. teknosa.comin 2014 's aim to make the most sales channel is going to do,"he said. INVESTORS

May 2012, 7, 75 £ ' Teknosa shares offered to the public from 1 November 13, 45 £' from the process saw about the tribe, the beginning of the year to date increase of 78 percent of the stock index is at the same level while watching the Teknosa said:"We have gained our investors,"he said. TURKEY FASTEST GROWING

In the January-August period of 2013 in Europe, the size of the consumer electronics market shrunk by 2 percent compared to the same period of the previous year and indicate the occurrence of 140.5 billion euros in Turkey", the market grew at 20 percent of the first 9 months.coming year double-digit growth is expected to continue,"he said. HER 3.5
İYEDE one product is sold
Teknosa every 3.4 seconds 1 products sold in Turkey, Europe and the world electronics market is growing and will continue to grow over the average anticipated that tribe,"the Turkish people love technology. youth in the population, and is followed quickly adapt to innovation. products it is also an indication of the frequency of change. Turkish tablet Changing the frequency of PCs and smart phones an average of 2 years. This ratio LCD/LED TV ' in the three laptop computers, 3.5, 4.5 home theater systems, MP3 players, and multi-function printers for 4 years"said.
"UP OF WOMEN EMPLOYEES STORES FULL opening" since its inception Teknosa
for women's employment and women gave special attention to corporate social responsibility projects representing Necil tribe,"Technology for Women for the project since 2007, more than 12 thousand women in 48 provinces have computer training. This year all the employees to contribute to the employment of women by women also started to open stores. teams working in the stores' Teknosa Angels 'gave the name. currently manages five stores' Teknosa Angels', will meet with consumers in different stores in the coming period,"he said. Teknosa will
Darty'nin spoken information about the buying process has been abandoned vazgeçilip that the tribe,"We generally do not ever given up on buying one, but the acquisition will add value Teknosa is very important. account for making acquisitions,"he said.
tribe, dollar exchange rate effect on their mobility question,"thus making purchase and sales of Turkish Lira at the exchange rate affect us,"replied.
Necil on the question of the effect of sales of the Apple Online Store opening Teknosa tribe,"the sale of this do we do when it comes to these products Teknosa . Teknosa months, one million products sold, Apple is just one of them,"replied.
"SABANCI BRAND ADVANTAGE TO THE MARKET" After the meeting, the UAV questions
answered the tribe, Sabancı brand is a significant advantage of being expressed in the technology market,"Sabancı brand is a brand that reliance on the Turkish consumer. many years 'SA' perception of the most important Turkish consumers, the value is one of the brands. Teknosa as the Since we live act in accordance with the value of this advantage,"he said.
Turkish consumers are buying CHEAP TECHNOLOGY
stating that Turkish consumers buy cheaper technology than other countries tribe,"Other Turkish consumer technology products at affordable prices compared to countries reaching, suppliers also confirms this situation. Maybe you can not say that for every product but in general we can say what we look at buying the Turkish consumer at affordable prices. Teknosa about half of a company that sells many products sold in Turkey. All in all, 10 television approximately 5.5 's, 10 notebook, tablet 4 10 Teknosa sold. due to the acquisition, with this size to reflect the size of the advantage of using this to your advantage to consumers,"he said.

About 298 stores in 7 provinces that have not been at Teknosa describing four provinces remained tribe,"a moment ago that we would like to in the future. Sales teams are conducting serious research in these regions. these four province, Ardahan, Bingöl, Şırnak and Hakkari .

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