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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 17:24

Tender for Construction of Dam Koçali Done , Contract Signed

Tender for Construction of Dam Koçali Done , Contract Signed
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AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Ahmet Aydin , Koçali the dam's construction tender was made and announced that the signing of the contract.

Adıyaman news: In statements in relation to Photo Koçali Dam construction tender of the AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Ahmet Aydin, \"AK Party, the day we came to power as the ruling Since our province and the investments we have made in our district made ​​services continues to increase endlessly . A God we promise that we gave that thankfully are coming one by one instead and we feel that bliss . as is known, especially Koçali Dam and HEPP Adiyaman , long-term drinking water, in terms of irrigation and power in terms of many to meet the great need is of serious importance . Koçali with Dam Adiyaman province , 177 thousand 610 square meters to be watered with the charm of agricultural land , to meet the needs of drinking water by 2050 is expected to be provided annually to 31.5 million cubic meters of drinking water .
Thus, we can say a great happiness Dam Koçali that reached the construction stage . after the winter, is located in the first building next digging season has reached the point to be hit first by Allah's leave . From the very beginning of this project with great care and seriousness today we tried to continue our work until the point that our construction phase and follow-up . After that, as in every project by informing our countrymen happy with this news , we will continue our work enthusiasm and determination . Photo particularly Prime Minister Hon Dr. Including ahmet Davutoglu , Forestry and Water Affairs Minister Hon Dr. Veysel Eroğlu , our lawmakers and labor of Adiyaman extend my gratitude to everyone , again I wish to be instrumental in Adiyaman no Koçali Dam construction of my countrymen , \"he said .

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