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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 12:33

Tent wedding was held in the city with drums of Zurnal

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Suleyman Shah Akcakale in Sanliurfa pair of Syrians sheltering accommodations , drum making wedding zurnal entry into the world of home .

Şanlıurfa news: In the tent city that is experiencing the third year so far 600 near double world entered the house . Photo Akcakale Mayor Abdulhakim Ayhan's Syrian double that to Kirve , take their first steps to happiness celebrating the wedding ceremony held in their own country in the tent city . Groom and bride rahaf Jabir acquainted War Husni tent city where they combine their lives. Entry into the world of drums and flutes playing at home as lucky couples from other couples with wedding İdlibl . Akcakale Mayor Abdulhakim Ayhan , the AK Party've Years county President Abraham and was accompanied by Chairman Ayhan's wife Ayse Nur Ayhan. Photo Tent Syrian refugees in the first drum zurnal wedding ceremony in the city , Playing peculiar to the region participate color to the wedding. Later, his wife Ayse Nur Chairman Ayhan Ayhan, by going to the tent of the bride gift a bouquet of roses , the bride brought to the area for a wedding . Chairman Ayhan couple and shaking hands and wished happiness. To be common to
Syrian couple's happiness Ayhan President expressed that the Kirve , \"As you know neighbors for nearly three years because of the war in Syria, we are also the shelter as refugees , now we see that they live like their in Turkish . Today they invited this happy day as us Kirve . to share Today we found their wedding and their happiness , we came to the side to make both sides. I wish happiness to life again our couple. as soon as the end of the war and to return to their homeland for a moment before God'I wish to tan . I say again, you're happy God , \"he said . Photo Kirve with dual Syrian Abdulhakim Ayhan due to the bitter coffee Kirve Thanked by catering to the MIR . Color on the committee and guests who attended the wedding ceremony was attended by color wedding decorations confetti package exploded .

Tent wedding was held in the city with drums of Zurnal" comments for.


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