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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:45

Terms:\"We will not give up before you come back to our place \"

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Turkey football coach Fatih Terim , the national team's chances at the European Championships in 2016 in relation to the qualifying group , \"We're not going to give up without coming back to the place ,\"he said .

İstanbul news: Photo A National Team Gokhan Tore and Hakan Çalhanoğlu to a question about the the call term, replied that as sons of all the players .
term, tomorrow Hasan in Riva before the friendly match will be played with Brazil Dogan National Team Camp and Training Center held a press conference . The term draws attention to the importance of playing with Brazil, \"one which is great sympathy for Brazil in our country is real. We've followed them closely , despite being far away and we were almost a fan. This match whatever the result will contribute to our players ,\"he said. < Br/> \"MELO'< strong> YU sEE I wANT \"Photo \"I want to see Felipe Melo of Brazil squad ,\"said Terim, \"But this in savings Dunga teacher. mine is a wish. I suppose it much he wanted . No one has a construction such as interfere with the work , there is no habit . I do it's a disrespect in . to make a sweet joke , I said this to indicate the goodness of Melo's acting , \"he said .
\" an exciting match against \"Photo term, stressing that played a thrilling encounter with Brazil ,\"I hope we go as there is a good play with confidence the more you move up have a team. No matter if possible, preparation matches we want to play with this type of team . We are trying to play the match with Argentina in preparation. Hopefully we can come across in one place. Everyone will be happy to play with a team . Best way guests and we will continue to do so. I myself, I was happy because it is my country , \"he said .
\" We are better \"Photo National Team 2 months to assess the current situation with the previous state of the term,\"Difference but does not seem to be enough at this international level. Level of the game played in our league , this is more to arrive , and it increased to a higher level , it will not be sufficient understanding is clear that we need to go high . Both physics, as well as tactical-technical terms found DUğUmUzlA should not settle . We have to be better. Currently 8 people near a group of players do not , \"he said.
\" futbolumuzu our SLIGHTLY we should CZECH SENIOR \"Photo term, by providing information about the status of injured players , \"Gokhan Gonul seems difficult . As Semih will be controlled workout. John has a serious infection problem. Recently started to play Mevlüt 20-30 minutes. Gokhan Tore no tomorrow . Caner will play . Volcanoes have minor problems. When we look at our many players still seems to be missing. Easy not injured , can play every game the same stability, where the last objection is found, it feels professional , we have a team working in their team too . One important element of the Stabilisation football. Our performance we need to take a little more up \"the assessment found .
\" I MY DECLARED NATIONAL TEAM THIS \"Photo Fatih Terim, Hakan Çalhanoğlu and Omar a question regarding the absence of the Earth's squad,\"last camp from this side , then passed more than a month were going to solve this issue . Both my son like me . I am from you , take accurate information , I wish you the correct transmission . Little information was not accurate with comments . Very clear. I wish you did not know threads , if you could learn more by researching . You have opted to settle with you one-sided said . My choice in this direction. We choose , we even have the right to choose your critical players . I have nothing to say in this regard. They are very natural , inherent in the event. In the world like this. Better research on such issues , we benefit from having more information . This national team that I explain , critical to the deficit \"was the answer .
\" A DECREASE we LIVE \"Photo National Team that spent a good process to Iceland match and then voicing declined the term, \"I think the first half of the Czech Republic match we've played a good match. A match will be very different ending in Latvia in such disrepair . This is a statement that we like and we wait. 3 points will be a match with Kazakhstan, to us a specific target , will bring a certain moral . Win the match Kazakhstan does not change the table but points chase hoped important for transport , \"he said .
\" Back Our PLACE arriving 'PES'do not call \"Photo Glossary 2016 European Championship qualifier in arriving at the place of the back'pes from whether they emphatically, said:Photo \"Mathematically , when no chance congratulations to our competitors. But before that , we can not give up. I am not able to accept . We'll try . It does not matter where you play with the Netherlands, how important you are playing . I'm looking at this event. Even come back to our place , we watch the video together with the referee , he did notcame to the place. We accept . We are not in a tournament here , we came to attend every tournament. \"Photo \" Our FAN ALWAYS NEED \"Photo Month-star team supporters always Glossary stating that they need , \"Turkish National Team a team , a special team which is in another place . Month-star very important to us , another meaning of our lives. Whatever the result, the Turkish National Team should be private . Each condition we want to see people gathered around the National Takımımız'da our own country. We also earnestly trying to protect that which is sacred to us shirt . Showing great fight to wear a uniform I'm trying to say is shown . Can you not a form that you can wear when you want a special form. Results of nothing to do with it. Spectators should always be with us. Brazil seems to be a more difficult not fortune . On Sunday, in front of our audience who need lots of Kazakhstan . The most important driving force of our team. 3 The importance of the points in this group also we'have we'is basically saying . Turkish National Team is able to do , \"he said. Photo Members of the press'and you will forgive Hakan Omar'is the question of the term, \"All the players are very dear to me, all of them are like me, my son . Let's see what time will tell . We'll live if God will grant you \"he replied. Photo Burak Yilmaz: \" FOOTBALL Ekol been a country \"in order to see the Photo Kazakhstan before the match missing an important stating that the game will be a national player Burak Yilmaz, \"Brazil, a country school was football . After many years on our behalf gratifying to play . Hopefully tomorrow we will represent our best way in the country to us whether its part , \"he said .
Bekir İrtegün: \" Our situation CHANGE \"Photo Another national football Bekir İrtegün also , \"after many years Brazil will play the match in Turkey. Kazakhstan confident before the match can be seen as an opportunity in terms of removing up . There are important players . There are players worldwide . Our situation may change in the group match with Kazakhstan , \"he said .

Terms:\"We will not give up before you come back to our place \"" comments for.


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