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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 12:07

Teske Chairman Bendevi Palandöken:

Teske Chairman Bendevi Palandöken:
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TESK Chairman Bendevi Palandöken , despite the law's Bags said the vast majority of trades are not in a position to pay the debts easily .

Ankara news: Photo from the Assembly adopted the name known as the laws bag 6552 numbered'Business Law and Certain Laws Amending'through the adoption of the law of 20 million people , representing Palandoken can configure the debt, \"the people despite that the Act vast majority are not able to pay easily these debt . here, the Social Security Institution (SGK ) and falls very important task to do to bank or bank protocol . should put their hands in our bank after the law out. with given monthly 0.70 per cent rate of interest in 2011, who had come retirement tradesmen we have taken loans and have benefited from this right. Now, however, still come to retirement and are continuing discussions with all the banks in the confederation of citizens who can not afford to take advantage of this right. Farmers , craftsmen and artisans with the industrialists-tücc cutting 100 thousands citizens of our closely related to this structure falls great responsibility to the banks. will take the state with the realization structuring . Banks will give loans. The citizens who had come to retirement will be retired . That will not be lost here. Come the only thing that retirement has to be done is the lending interest rates low depending on the pensions of banks will make premium configuration, \"he said . Made with the Agricultural Bank in Photo 2011 protocol 61 thousand 571 people Palandöken underlines that use credit , \"to be the primary debt with the law because although Craftsman trades and old-age pension can not be attributed to our retirement facilities provided ; those without sufficient facilities should be given credit for financially benefit from such an opportunity . 5 of the 6111 law in 2011, 677 thousand people by paying in advance the debt premium , a total of 67 thousand 248 people in 61 thousand 571 people using credit from the Agricultural Bank was entitled to a pension. In this context, be taken to be retired from the banks of the Bag-Kur , it will be a big help to low-interest loans will be deducted from the pension. In order to use us as in the year 2011 with bank loans or bank to be decided by the Chairman of the Social Security Administration , we expect a protocol , \"he said .

Teske Chairman Bendevi Palandöken:" comments for.


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