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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 11:01

Thanks for visiting the village headmen Fire

Thanks for visiting the village headmen Fire
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Kocaeli raided the neighborhood headmen of water , thanks to the fire department paid a visit .

Kocaeli news:
past month Başiskele and Izmit districts floods causing heavy rain Kocaeli Fire Department is doing relief work to say thank you Başiskele District Association Board of Directors , the fire department paid a visit .
Ovacik district Headman and Başiskele District Association President Ilhan Altintas , Yaylacik district Headman Orhan Feridunoğl , the Yesilyurt district Headman Nihat Karaaslan the Gulf District Headman Sadettin Lion, Serindere quarter Mukhtar Musa Ozkan, Aksıg the District Headman Osman Ozkan and Havuzlubah by the District Headman Hakan Bayhan Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department Head nature Land at the office entertained. Neighborhood headmen , Kocaeli sacrifice by fighting fire brigade , stating that citizens receive full marks , Kocaeli thanked the Fire Department . Department of Land commemorate the visit of nature and the name of the association emblem is inscribed a wall clock was a gift. Fire Department President Dogan Black , the fire of such natural phenomena always be experienced , taking into account every moment should be prepared with the awareness that they acted , he said.
The past months, resulting from excessive rainfall Başiskele our county Ovacik, Yaylacik , Stigma , Yakacik , Yesilyurt, Mehmet Agar , Black Sea and with the Izmit Industry Mahmut Pasha neighborhood and Mehmet Ali Pasha had caused damage to the neighborhood . Excessive rain caused flooding in the Kocaeli Fire Department, quickly devolved to the regions dominated by experienced , first assessed the possibility of being stranded .
Work as a result of search and rescue efforts for stranded citizens was held. Relief work in flooded homes and businesses were carried out . After the raid in the period following the withdrawal of water pressure caused the damage assessment to determine the damage was done. 111 in damage assessment reports of damage to buildings and offices held. The search-and-rescue and evacuation efforts Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department Izmit , Izmit , Başiskele and Gulf counties were interfering with their teams work together . Prevention and Training Branch is damage assessment was carried out by staff .


Thanks for visiting the village headmen Fire" comments for.


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