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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 10:49

Thanks to the Bronze Age from Amasrasp Club Management

Thanks to the Bronze Age from Amasrasp Club Management
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AK Party Deputy Bart Yılmaz Tunç, Amasrasp Club board members met at breakfast .

Bartın news: Photo Club President Ertan Genghis thanked for their contribution to Amasraspor Deputy Bronze . Deputy Yılmaz Tunç, Amasra Mayor Mehmet Emin Timur along , the AK Party Karabacak Amasra County Chairman Bakr, Provincial Assembly Member Hikmet Özdilkural'l with Genghis Ertan President Amasrasp Club and the board of directors met for breakfast with members . Club President and Board Members of Genghis Ertan Amasrasp Club Youth and Sports Ministry for their support in the removal of 15 thousand financial assistance they thanked Deputy Bronze . Deputy Bronze Amasrasp Club Football team in the amateur league match of the illuminated field carried out , they have started the necessary work to make the synthetic turf surface , said he offered to athletes in the field for several months. After breakfast Amasrasp Club President Ertan Cengiz, Amasrasp shirt is inscribed the name of Deputy Bronze was a gift.

Thanks to the Bronze Age from Amasrasp Club Management" comments for.


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