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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 10:57

Thanks to the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea and the Future

Thanks to the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea and the Future
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Prof. AK Party deputy Gümüshane

Gümüşhane news: Prof. AK Party deputy Gümüshane Kemalettin Aydin , Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's visit to Papua New Guinea and thank perform said. In his statement
local election rally in Papua New Guinea and in the process reminded that Prime Minister Erdogan Aydin Deputy Prime Minister Erdogan's AK Party win because the Mayor thanked the visiting Papua New Guinea said.
planned visit Prime Minister Erdogan's Gümüşhaneliler the tea beverage , public opening ceremony will attend and together with residents voicing Deputy Aydin , \"Governor's Office working in coordination with the public opening ceremony will be organized . soon thank you visit to perform. fact, thanks to a visit presidential election process is a combination of the terms in a short time , rather than a later time are planning to come . approximately one-month period at the end are planning to come . this way the nation that we have given promise do it. Mr. Prime Minister, Papua New Guinea and came to drink tea , public opening ceremony attend and vatandaşımızla will meet , \"he said .
Deputy Aydin , catching the case Köster from the junction Gümüshane up to the town , which divided road and tunnel work with hospitals, sports centers, creek rehabilitation one of the numerous investment of landing realize that they plan added .

Thanks to the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea and the Future" comments for.


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