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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 14:32

Thanks to the support of mowers

Thanks to the support of mowers
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Kütahya Simav'da AK Party of the South's largest town Mayor Abraham Ilhan, authorities visited the town of Simav Deputy Mayor fair Bicer support that it provides to thank the fire truck and equipment has .

Kütahya news:
President Ilhan in the past days that took place in October Ordinary Meeting Simav'da the Municipal Assembly from the town fire truck that support the agenda to decide unanimously to contain the great pleasure he said.
Simav'da town center 17 kilometers from the South of the town fire truck and team to the absence of sleepless nights they live emphasis Chairman Ilhan, \"Simav'da Municipality this açığımızı last day which took place in October at the regular meeting unanimously the decision to shut down. Henceforth 3 thousand 500 because citizens live in the South in the town any fire when the Simav'da Municipality us the tools and equipment support will allow .'s why Simav'da Vice Chairman Adil Bicer thank've come to , \"he said .
Views pleased stated that the Vice Chairman Adil Harvester ,\"We Simav'da as a whole, we have to deal . Who wants to support him are willing to give \"he said.
Simav'da Mayor Suleyman Ozkan jeotermall study tour for about overheating in Iceland's capital Reyjkavik task for the AK Party Councillors Lawyer's mandate is conducting fair Bice .

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