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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 13:04

That Walked to be 200 Element Removal Contractors

That Walked to be 200 Element Removal Contractors
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Turkey Petroleum , Chemical and Rubber Workers Union ( Petrol-İş ) Batman Branch, Turkey Petroleum of Corporation (TPAO ) by organizing walks for the dismissal of employees 200 contractor workers , held a press statement TPAO entry.

Batman news: Photo consisting of approximately 300 people , including Branch Petrol-İş President Mustafa Tekin Mesut consisting of workers and union members , met in front of the union building , walked over to TPAO , accompanied by slogans here . Group gathered in front of TPAO , has organized the press release here . Orhan made ​​a statement on behalf of the group by me , stating that they do not accept this injustice imposed on workers , he said return should be made ​​from wrong. Temporary 200 people are working and that transfers dismissed these workers me think , \"Diyarbakir , especially Batman, Mardin and in Siirt 15-20 years at TPAO , Batman District we İŞCİL working in the Directorate of Finance. Densest of risk protection Keep your security and the means of production in terms of TPAO in that period , we offer great contributions to the work process of production for years devotedly in the most difficult circumstances. But to be dismissed by today as TPAO , we asked to be left without bread . Issue 200 around . If you multiply this feeder makes thousands of people. Rain, mud , mountain, foothill saying the country's economy and TPAO I believe that the money is not the community for 20 years have served should not be to dismissal , \"he said . Photo Press spoke after the statement Petrol-İş Batman Branch Chairman Mustafa Mesut Thompson , \"Petrol-İş Trade Union Batman Branch, just charge does unionism , victims in accordance with the principles of trade unionism reason we are here is to make our presence together with all social sectors that we believe that the oppressed and exploited , \"he said . group after the press release Photo done, quietly disbanded .

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