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  • 26 Ekim 2012, Cuma 10:53

The AK Party and MHP bayramlaşmasında talked about terrorism

The AK Party and MHP bayramlaşmasında talked about terrorism
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Ankara began visits to holy among the parties.

Ankara began visits to holy

between the parties. AK Party, CHP delegation first came to holy. Following the visit of the delegation of MHP, CHP delegation arrived. MHP delegation visit to the fight against terrorism were discussed.

MHP delegation, AK Party Deputy Chairman Mehmet Ali Sahin, Ankara deputy Ahmet İyimaya, Women and Youth Handles Handles Balaban MKYK Murside Secretary-General U Level of evidence of Aladdin Ünüvar'dan AK Party delegation welcomed. MHP delegation, Vice-President Mevlut King, MHP Antalya deputy Mehmet Günal and FMC Sami Long was a member of.

Mevlüt Karakaya, holidays, unity, togetherness and solidarity that çıktğı days, noting that the provision of unity and pointed out that it is important. King,"Turkey has experienced serious problems. Terror, has become the country's most important problem. Holidays this respect, unity, togetherness, ensuring believe that the important functions in maintaining brotherhood. This is an important issue needs to be resolved as soon as possible. Terrorism It seems that the holidays will be bitter root scraping. Bayram do but look at the cemetery, the feast regaled us see what they say. Hopefully the next holidays more as a nation of unity and togetherness, we know will pass more festive flavor, so hope it will be."he said.

Then Mehmet Ali Sahin said:"Terror, a full 30 years of the state, the most significant thing the government. doğrultanlarla arms of state and government will fight him. The same situation persists, this struggle Today, as in the past will be."

Sacrifice and Ramadan holidays of the unity, integrity, more often establish a relationship with those people in terms of supply, to help them with their children in the name of the mountain, it is important that prevent a hawk,"I do not think any mother's child will be happy with the advent of the mountain, of course, there may be exceptions. Terror is a state issue, and governments continue to struggle with determination. terrorism overseas connections should not neglect that. now grown into an organization subcontractors."he said.

that, Mevlut King, Sahin joined on this issue,"stressing the fight against terrorism needs to be done effectively, the negotiation should be avoided.'s not the fight against terrorism, negotiation convictions that made stance against terrorism has caused to be composed of permanent decline. region feel the weight of the state, which seems to perk up the Turkish flag as a symbol of the state Qandil is not an issue in the nation. inventions are aware of this thousand-year brotherhood. Already a terrorist organization, that have nothing to do with people in the region, fully support of foreign powers, orientation, and we believe you'll find the instigation of the last ongoing terror. need to hissetirmesi the weight of the state, especially in the Qandil symbolic flag planting is important."he said.

Mehmet Ali Şahin In response,"The security forces have successfully fulfills its part in the fight against terrorism continues. Terrorism, armed struggle to end the need to implement initiatives outside, it will also not be neglected is required. Dear Prime Minister is what she wants to say. If you have other ways to finish, it should not be neglected ways."he said.

The AK Party and MHP bayramlaşmasında talked about terrorism" comments for.


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