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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 11:30

The AK Party deputies of the Day Message

The AK Party deputies of the Day Message
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Justice and Development Party ( AK Party) deputies Faruk Mus Light and Assoc.

Muş news: Dr. Muzaffer Çakar, Eid al-Adha therefore a message it was released .
AK Party MPs Faruk Light, Feast of the Sacrifice hence the message released , \"Day of joy were shared , hearts Costa , where hearts softened , relatives and neighbors visited the orphans and orphans delighted that , guests with a smile , where refreshments are made happy days. Nations will to be our living holds , unity, togetherness and brotherhood feelings reinforce , mercy and blessings-filled Eid together again cognizant of peace and happiness always live together. the geographical requirements of human dignity , as well as Muslims persecution on . especially in this period persecution are exposed to each of us more than ever are in need . therefore as yesterday today in the world no matter where you every oppressed adhere to will continue . Feast of the love, respect and a sense of brotherhood of the most vivid way to manifest indicating that the deputy Light ; that the consolidation of social peace and tranquility ; Although the problems of face and everyone laughed united in the common sense of the feast of the society embrace each other and are coupled , to those in need , with the emergence of absence , are the days lend a helping hand . All hemşehrilerimizin this consciously , Feast days spirituality according to evaluate whether I firmly believe , \"he said
AK Party Deputy Assoc. Dr. Muzaffer Period if , festivals , brotherhood, unity, togetherness and friendship feelings at the highest level that is experiencing exceptional days , he said .
orphans , orphans , strange the weak and narrow to those left laughed , neighborhood and kinship relations frequent the holidays folks bond sağlamlaşıp docking stated that the Çakar \"Rich's poor asset owners, the needs of the owner , philanthropist orphans delights for is an opportunity festivals. But today , Gaza, Iraq, Syria , especially in the Islamic world suffering events, due to the flowing blood and tears burning hearts , consciences are faced stinging table . S right to life targeting innocent people disregard blessed attacks raises deep concern and sadness . Blood and tears of relief , drawn to the end of suffering and the suffering , in order to ensure a just and lasting peace, we will do our best . Feast of the Sacrifice for our country Turkey and for the Muslim world , no to the opportunity to be the wishes of everyone with love, unity of solidarity with a sense of peace with her family all loved ones pain and grief away from a beautiful feast to spend will hope , these feelings all our citizens Eid al-Adha congratulate \"he said .

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