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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 17:14

The Centenary Year has experienced record festivities

The Centenary Year has experienced record festivities
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Centenary (University) began to Festival Records.

with 5 thousand 700 students eligible to register for 5 minutes while YYÜ'de operations, the airport and the bus station Zeve Campus students moving bus on a regular basis. Rector of the University of. Dr. Peyami Battal, new dormitories, strong academic staff and infrastructure YYÜ'de met all the needs of the students said, announced that the quota is full at a rate of over 95 percent.

millions of students in Turkey as of today, began to register . The newly opened faculties and departments, 5 thousand 700 students this year, with the right to register YYÜ'de, everything has been thought for newly arriving students. Ferit Melen Airport and Intercity Bus Terminal, commissioned by the Rectorate of University of vehicles regularly transported students on the campus, academics welcome here. The University of Central Mess Hall recording operations, approximately 200 academic and administrative staff are on duty. The festival will be held 02.09.2013-06.09.2013 registry, families waiting for treats are a variety of places. In addition, students in the rotary and beverages served along with Van's Security Directorate teams.

Register to have to meet the students at the door, academics, assist students in the preparation of a registration dossier, while the students at the end of the registration process takes only 5 minutes are given new identities. Center Mess Hall Rector analyzing the registration process. Dr. Peyami Battal, students chatted for a while. Battal the President made a statement on the issue, the winning students of universities in the 2013-2014 academic year, celebrating the strong training YYÜ'de study team made every effort to prepare for the future students said.

the students entrusted to them, saying that a holy Rector. Dr. Battal, License, together with students to create a stronger Turkey stressed that in the future. Both their new home, both strong academic staff and infrastructure YYÜ'de met all the needs of students indicating that the President Battal, announced that the quota is full at a rate of over 95 percent.

college education, students stated that the most important stakeholder of the President Battal,"University of education and training programs, social activities, and the full participation of the students in all matters relating to the operation of the university and adopted feedback model is supported by a university education. To do this, students are represented by the university senate, student representatives, clubs and organizations to express themselves able. Moreover, water sports center, tennis courts, track and field next to the home ground the possibility of sporting activities throughout the year a large number of students with social, cultural, organize events. YYÜ'yü choose whether to congratulate all students who register."she said.

The Centenary Year has experienced record festivities" comments for.


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