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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 12:16

The City Council was told upon Accountant

The City Council was told upon Accountant
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Bursa City Council (BKK ) Chairman Semih Pala , Solidarity and Unity in the profession , organized by the Association'Independent Audit in Progress and Prospects'at the meeting , explained their work the financial advisor to the city council and insurance legislation with finances.

Bursa news: Photo Occupation in Solidarity and Solidarity Organization by Merino AKKM held at the Presidential Hall'Independent Audit in Progress and Prospects'meeting on Public Oversight Accounting and Auditing Standards Authority Chairman Sayyed Ahmed Head, representatives of public institutions , academics, and was attended by many financial advisors . Speaking at the meeting Asim Karaman President of the Association , said that continued rapid transition of the authorization process . Status of the most independent audit report will demand the business, financial, report stating that regulates auditors and colleagues concerning Karaman, \"independent accountants we had in all of the controls as financial advisers . If many of our sleep much every responsibility given to the independent auditor also has the profession of our expectations. Meeting held at this point , informed, our terms of importance , \"he said .
\"we are working for the liberation of the Finance and insurance regulation \"Photo Meeting a guest President BKK Semih Pala , Bursa City told the Council that Turkey is the leader of the city council position. Civil society organizations , formal governmental organizations, reminding could bring wide range together of city councils , such as academic chambers Pala, \"this business as Bursa and the people of Ontario are making an example of Turkey. 4 Assembly , 30 working groups and hundreds of volunteers with our annual average can make 1500 activities . we talk in a civilized manner , together with the most difficult issues Bursalılar . in the interests of the city council , every stage of life. Bursa we support our civil society organizations in the City Council . is going our work with the Solidarity and Unity Association in the profession and offer our contribution . public and private sector issues in BKK within the addressing Industry and Trade Working Group and Bursa Working Group have groups like \"he said. stating that they look different to the issues to be liberalized economic structure Photo in Turkey Pala, drew attention to the move of the 75 million population of 5 million taxpayers. Explaining that should be corrected system Pala, \"We are working on this issue. We extend the report to the relevant . The share of public sector employment and 13 per cent , while the private sector is 87 percent. Liberated the recommendations of the finance and insurance legislation in order to work comfortably with the private sector with a 87 percent share in employment we bring . the Balkans from the Caucasus , each cut to Africa from the Middle East have strong needs Turkey . we need a strong economy for this. the well free enterprise for strong economies of all kinds need to recover from challenges. sight and we will share our thoughts recently in this area , \"he he said. he then switched to part-session of Photo speech . The panel was moderated by BKK Executive Board member and Vice President of the Association of Independent Auditors and Independent Auditors Cemil Bursa representative took one . Public Oversight of the Accounting and Auditing Standards Authority Chairman Sayyed Ahmed Head, Public Oversight of Accounting and Auditing Standards Board Vice President Mehmet Kaya, with which audit powers of authorization from Uludag University in Bursa Prof. Dr. Mehmet Cebe participated as a speaker in the session , developments and expectations in the audit were discussed. The program ended with a question and answer session.

The City Council was told upon Accountant" comments for.


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