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  • 25 Ekim 2012, Perşembe 09:07

The Commissioner and his wife were killed in PKK, which killed

The Commissioner and his wife were killed in PKK, which killed
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Tunceli statement was made by the Governor concerning the introduction of four terrorists neutralized.

for action by the security forces while trying to infiltrate the city center killed 4 PKK clash by difference on Liya Tunceli announcement was made governor of the province. Akin's öldürülen'Rojhat'kod PKK clash in Tunceli Suat involved in the incident, and many said to be responsible for the city center. , the governor's office said in a statement, were killed last Suat Akin, September 4, 2011 carried out on the site in the city center and Commissioner Harry carpet Kerman Kerman and teacher's wife to be a martyr Dilay and 11 police injured at the beginning of the band that performs the specified action. 'Miros'telsiz code Suat Akin's participation kullanan'Rojhat'kod and organized actions are as follows:

-20 June 2011 Tunceli-Pulumur highway cut on police stations and two mobile phone bread burning of a vehicle that takes you to gasp in Tunceli on

-22 June 2011 second police officer to be killed in the two center-Nazimiye

-4 September 2011 Tunceli on the carpet in the center of the field one Commissioner and his wife to be a martyr center of Tunceli on

-31 May 2012 Uzuntarla Role ' Command of Gendarmerie Station Alacık construction workers working in four of the company's abduction and the burning of the vehicle center of Tunceli on

-8 June 2012 in the village of Uzuntarla seized as a result of a clash between security forces and the PKK three hand-made on the preparation of explosives

-22 September 2012 Mehmet gendarmerie and the police station of martyrdom for the troops control the way the teams as a result of the attack on members of the separatist terrorist organization, and seven military personnel to be killed one gendarme injury

-13 on October 2012, Tunceli-Pulumur highway crossroads hamlet Samanli road cut locality and the burning of a vehicle, a vehicle and trapping the bombs PKK


governor's office said in a statement, along with members of the PKK in equipment seized weapons and announced. Weapons and custom-made in of flak for that, as well as helicopters, who, for the first time seized the weapon called the Zagros said. , which has a range of 5-6 miles is a very effective weapon 4 kilometers, 12.7 mm in diameter who flak gun Kannas assassination weapon firing mechanism of the gun barrel portion and an anti-aircraft gun on the other parts are made Doçka said.

which is far below the normal weight of a person can easily carry anti-aircraft gun that weighs 8 pounds, you can manually made by a single bullet each time the weapon used, the helicopter will reduce the level of all kinds of shell Zagros said. Specifying the breach of the gun armored vehicles, can be used in acts of assassination were expressed. Guard units, there were a total of 50 of these weapons guns in the hands of the PKK in Turkey Tunceli, 3 in, 3 in Diyarbakir, Hakkari and Sirnak to 10 units in above has been determined that a total of 16 signs in Turkey.

Weapons and ammunition seized

Tunceli Governor's Office release, one of these weapons, binoculars and 6 pcs 7.12 milimet bullet diameter, 1 Glock brand pistol, 1 brand of Newco optical distance meter, 1 large radio, the radio transceiver approximately 60 meters of cable, 1 M-16 rifle and a gun magazine and 136 units of the 5 millimeter 5:56 fireworks, fourth defensive hand grenades, one Kalashnikov guns, one Bixi, 6 of the magazine rifle Kalashnikov rifle, 140 rounds of Kalashnikov rifle infantry, four defensive hand grenades, 1 Yaesu brand hand-held radios, 1 Specter thermal cameras, 2 Sony brand radio , 1 Sigsauer brand pistol, one magazine of the gun Sigsauer, 8 electric detonators, 5, and 239 pieces of large size Duracell brand battery life Bixi ammunition and miscellaneous material noted.

Tunceli Governor's Office, PKK Thanks to the attention of the security forces with heavy weapons attacked the group came averted a major disaster, it added.

The Commissioner and his wife were killed in PKK, which killed" comments for.


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