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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 14:14

The course co-Mek rang the bell

The course co-Mek rang the bell
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Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Art and Vocational Training Courses ( KO-MEK) , which began its 10th year of courses during the 2014-2015 academic year .

Kocaeli news: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Art and Vocational Training Courses ( KO-MEK) , which began its 10th year of courses during the 2014-2015 academic year . Photo KO-MEK, started the new academic year 2014-2015 period. Kocaeli public university known as KO-MEK, given the new era records after training was delivered to 255 branches. KO-MEK course of the 2014-2015 academic year has continued the intense interest of the people of Istanbul . New training period in the KO-MEK course as soon as the trainees began training in many industries. Photo KO-MEK te stating attended many courses Furnishings trainees Pinar Unal, \"the KO-MEK course I'm coming for five years . here, fun, beautiful things I could not stop for KO-MEK I've learned. I'm excited like this comes first times a year. I've attended many courses in different branches of COD-tion . I started this year, the furnishings course. I intend to learn everything about their Furnishings in tact. New everyone because to learn something that is very enjoyable , especially I would advise young people to KO-MEK course , \"he said .
since 2006 KO-MEK attending courses Kenan is Zia Rooster said,\"the KO-MEK education should be a little more detailed , a little more universities you have come to the stage. If a person I'm going to do this job , no job can not do if you managed to get so believe . But you most simple a job I even mole mounds you see weak yourself diyip I can not do this job looks like you exceeded will hills. Facts live as long as they imagine human and imagine that you can perform with KO-MEK course , \"he said .
KO-MEK te in accordance with the request of students continues to open courses in different branches. This year, 11 years that populate and provide education to thousands of participants each year, KO-MEK , gave the following until 330 thousand trained in . KO-MEK its inception to the science technology of today crafts , child development, and the apparel manufacturing technology from education, foreign languages ​​, art and design, 255 under 25 area branch, gave free arts and vocational education .
new era in the Komei , Wood Technology , Family and Consumer Science , Horticulture , Information Technology , Office Management and Secretarial , Child Development and Education, Crafts Technology , Home Services, shipbuilding , Apparel Manufacturing Technology , Graphics and Photography, Beauty and Hair Care, Patient and Elderly Services, Aviation , Personal Development and Training , Machine Technology, Metal Technology, Accounting and Finance , Music and Performing Arts , Reading, Writing , Sports, Art and Design , Ceramics and Glass Technology, Foreign Languages ​​and Food and Beverage Services like 27 main areas and will receive instruction in many subjects .
helpful to Kocaeli people and aim to give equipped training KO-MEK courses, Kocaeli socialization of the people , the provision of social compatibility and seeing the same people every sector of society at the same time ensures the implementation of social rehabilitation. KO-MEK give it unity in education as well as society , draw and offers a contribution to the development of values ​​such as solidarity . Photo KO-MEK 't still people who want to take courses for which courses are underway, KO MEK Training Centres and apply from the website. Photocopy of birth certificate for registration of citizens as well , required to keep a photocopy of the diploma or educational documents. For information about courses, course KO-MEK address or addresses and phone numbers of centers Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality accessible than KO-MEK link in www.kocaeli.bel.t address .

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