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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 15:29

The course was given to doctors Phytotherapy

The course was given to doctors Phytotherapy
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Doctors in Malatya , phytotherapy (herbal medicine ) courses were given on .

Malatya news:
Yesilyurt courses offered under the Public Education Center , Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Technician Neslihan Hunter, 17, a doctor from different branches , which lasted 2 months on herbal treatments have trained . After the training , attending courses doctors, an exam was subjected to .
Course participants Malatya Family Physicians Association President Doctor Unal Ilhan, \"Work the time we hand the parsley and mint with my aunts ,'that if I eat my blood pressure drops? This hurt inside heal I ? Garlic ate antibiotic use need Do you have a television, a doctor watched , plants and some things said , you do about it do you think?'a lot like you direct questions were . We at this point a way out we were looking for . a related training need was born. here this opportunity we were given , \"he said .
Experts Pediatricians Yasar Huseyin Ogden those who , in the medical school phytotherapy or complementary medicine any information or be taught that saving,\"Today, everywhere and at all times we have heard herbal treatments our knowledge sufficiently it was not . Complementary to these courses in medicine have begun to resolve our lack . I kid my general dentist . Children in families with a variety of questions regarding herbal treatment is going on . At this point further be equipped and our families health information to provide these courses important gains we have achieved , \"he said.
Family Physicians Asuman Kaplan , the scope of the course only theoretical training they practice in training stated that they had .
Kaplan,\"herbal remedies on how all the basic applications and personal experience , we have applied . In Germany 65 percent of herbal treatments used. And 65 percent of these herbal treatments are paid by the state itself . I use herbal medicine in Turkey think that rates are increasing rapidly . Ministry of Health, which is controlled by herbal medicines and use the control will increase, as well as herbal treatments do after a while SSI payments will enter into a think, \"he said.
Specialist Dietician Ozalp Kaya , Turkey herbal medicines , unconsciously used the expression, \"Unconsciously production is done . Production is done under stairs . Our people are buying them in a way and unconsciously , they use random . Our people awareness and their correct orientation on behalf of this course is a huge benefit was, \"he said.
Phytotherapy course that Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Technician Neslihan Hunter, courses in Turkey, the first characterized as being voiced .
Course 17 physician Noting that attended Hunter, \"is considered the treatment plant is not something so easy and simple . A patient needs to be a treat . At this point, we have organized this course . A training workshop was very successful , \"he said.

The course was given to doctors Phytotherapy" comments for.


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