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SON Dakika

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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 12:24

The Daşdemir:\"Ooo Social Democratic MI, Liberal Mi ? Should decide \"

The Daşdemir:\
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Political Communication Specialist and Optimer President Research Board Hilmi Daşdemir , by making dramatic statements in a program attended in Ankara , \"CHP Social Democratic Does the Liberal Left does , or centers should provide urgently decided thata party will do the politics ,\"he said .

İstanbul news: Photo on 30 March and the closest estimates that performs Optimer Chairman of the Board of Research of the August 10 elections Daşdemir Hilmi , was an important statement about the developments in the last days. Daşdemir , \"social democracy in Turkey , represented by the Republican People's Party . HDPE is doing ethnic nationalism and that the votes as there is a response. Socialist and our Communist party got votes which they have in all of you know. So what is not represented backwards as political identity staying? political investigative , as someone who observes politics and public opinion would say that there is no need at this stage to a new party. especially not needed especially in the center and right-wing politics at all. I'd say it confused the minds of the left politics. the most important representative of the left politics CHP Social Democratic is the Liberal left whether the center should provide urgently decided thata party will do the politics. were excluded Nationalist cut the CHP , but the public was'nationalist'we can say that a discourse considerable money . resigned from the main opposition party CHP , which Emine Ülker Tarhan and I do not know issuance spoken Suhayl will do what Batum but Muharram seen in thin the CHP's recent conference'countenance'and his speech , CHP Muharram future crossroads in the coming period fine or leads us to think that the potential for the Chairmanship of the party . Emine Ülker Tarhan, there is a specific provision for the public but it acted alone they always vote for the people who can not be represented in the left political split which leads to failure of the politics, \"he said. Photo Gülen community to build the party also addressed the Daşdemir , \"acts as the greatest genius of Turkish politics Idris Bal, \"giving the Democratic Progress party organization petition , he founded his party. Of course it does not end with setting up business party. The important thing is to find money in the eyes of the nation and the power that would be a win will survive or favor. Gülen community in which it corresponds so exactly how much the people will emerge , \"he said .

The Daşdemir:\"Ooo Social Democratic MI, Liberal Mi ? Should decide \"" comments for.


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