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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 11:17

The detection Prenatal Risk Screening in Cizre Input Device Operations

The detection Prenatal Risk Screening in Cizre Input Device Operations
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According to data from the Statistical Institute of Turkey has the highest fertility rate in the Cizre district of Sirnak , Dr.

Şırnak news: Selahattin Cizrelioğl State Hospital prenatal infants in the womb diseases and injuries that detects the'triple screening test device was established. Not found in any hospital in Photo Sirnak and neural tube defects in prenatal baby , down sendru me to detect the risk of'triple screening test device'Dr. Selahattin Cizrelioğl State Hospital was put into operation . With this test is paid by the Ministry of Health of the entire test fee , citizens were saved from going to other provinces for both a major burden and make this test.
Hospital to the presentation ceremony held in the laboratory Cizre State Hospital Maternity Disease Specialist Op. Dr. Seval Zeran , Biochemistry Specialist Specialist Dr. Taner Uçgun , laboratory Kemalettin Erzan and Yesim Yilmaz Day , Şırnak Public hospitals Institution Press Advisor to the Secretary-General attended Sabgatullah Anmäl . Providing information to journalists about the device , which became effective Biochemistry Specialist Specialist Dr. Taner Uçgun , \"triple test infants neural tube defects , Down sendru my determines the previous risk the risk of birth. This test ultrasound results determines the risk of the baby in the womb with the programming device. The benefits of mental retardation in this test , genetical disease and neural tube defects , spinal colloquially marrow opening which is defined as the risk of these diseases . this is a huge benefit to make prenatal testing , \"he said . Photo Cizre State Hospital Maternity disease Specialist Op. Dr. Seval is Zeran , \"This triple screening make the test was one of the biggest problems for people in Cizre . Because pregnancy because of any belief among the public that it is a sin of discharge after 15 weeks in Cizre baby grows , you will at the heart and it will be difficult for the baby's intake I had faith. we bilateral screening test before our triple test . we will determine the nuchal translucency baby with this test , and we're a breed scan accordingly. the fertility rate in Sirnak too much because of the down sendru me , spinal cord open , back open neural tube defect patients and mental retardation patients seem too much. the increasing risk of them after the age of 35 . 35 years old and are not aware of the patients that followed the birth of the eighth birth. not done so far in this triple test this region. But after such due to the tester , which started operation in our hospital be able to detect diseases , \"he said . Photo physician as public Zeran emphasis ask them to do regular pregnancy tests, \"these tests thanks do you have mental retardation or spinal cord deficit in infants and early interventionto detect it in consultation with the respective parents very important to take action at a later period. The importance of the triple test in pregnant women is too big for him . In this region, these tests are done in another hospital , \"he said . Photo Cizre and underlines that high fertility rates in Sirnak Zeran , \"Turkey Statistics According to a recent survey made ​​by the Agency ranks second after fertility ranking in Cizre Sanliurfa. Therefore, this percentage is too much and according to normal lack of giving birth over the age of 35 seems too much , \"he said. Photo Şırnak Public Hospitals Authority General Secretariat of the Press Counsellor Sabgatullah Anmäl region's great need that this device the General Secretariat of the dedication and said the initiatives taken as a result . Anmäl , \"not to be found in this equipment Training and Research Hospital at the level of a state hospital . Although it made ​​sense enough with the entry into operation of our device was made until now applied almost 30 To make this test , \"he said . Photo Anmäl indicating day that they estimate to be applied close to the face, beneficial to the people of this device and added of healing wish for meat that the words .


The detection Prenatal Risk Screening in Cizre Input Device Operations" comments for.


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